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The Journal

Business, tips & tricks, consulting, inspiration, workflow & process, photoshoot planning and much more. This is my journal. 

Anything non portfolio related, which can be of use to you, make you grow, improve, inspire you and motivate you is what you will find here. 

The final aim simply being to build a creative community, make the world a better place and react to negativity with the strongest power. 

Let’s meet in real life, that’s what it’s all about. Welcome to THE JOURNAL

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When time stops, healing starts

One day you are born, then you live, and you pass the flame to the next life and therefore are eternal. This might seem crazy but in times of trouble, as the beatles would say “mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be”. And then, does time become eternal, and healing […]

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Fujifilm & Profoto & Android

When we work as professional photographers or as amateur photographers, what we are looking for is a great experience, enjoying ourselves, and delivering our best work whilst putting the effort in the right place. What I can say is that in 2020, as of today, Profoto, Fujifilm and android have made that reality possible through […]

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Live life ! Two words resonating deeply within me when recalling this year of 2019. Remembering the importance of living, at every level of our soul, and working towards our aims, understanding that we are light & darkness. How many times do we do things because we feel the need to be loved, appreciated, to […]

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4 Portraits in 30 minutes

When trying new things during a conference, it is always interesting to go for new visuals and creative shoots. I had 30 minutes, during a conference, explaining what I was going to shoot and how I was going to shoot it. So i took the decision to shoot 4 portraits in 30 minutes, with the […]

Profoto A1x Duo Kit - Portrait headshot

The art of Being yourself

When it comes to creative work, comparison, ego, human complexes, fears, and limiting beliefs come into the game really quickly. However, some might find that there is something behind the art of being yourself. During the Salon de la Photo in Geneva last week-end, I was asked to give a conference for FUJIFILM Switzerland, on […]

fujifilm GFX 100 sport photography. Slackliners and waterliners in Switzerland. Active, Action & Outdoors photography GFX 100 hands-on review. Commercial sport photography, Active photography. Outdoors photography Olivier Borgognon, commercial outdoors, action & sports photographer dedicated to creating key visuals and brand campaigns to make a dent in this world. Olivier Borgognon - Rue de la serre 4, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - Commercial outdoors & active lifestyle photographer - +41 78 920 20 34 -

how to let go of ego ?

Ego stands for the latin word “ego” meaning Me or I, and stands for the conscious representation we have of ourselves. As photographers we are highly subject to Ego, may it be ours, or the one of others (our clients). That doesn’t include the never-ending strike of of ego-boasting platforms social media represents. So what […]


Is your photography work authentic ?

Amongst photographers, and should I say amongst humans nowadays, I have a strong feeling that some of us are totally loosing touch with reality. We are, should we not forget it, amazing creatures, with a very authentic soul and mind to accompany our bodies. Therefore, we must create authentic photographic work to reflect the same […]

fujifilm GFX 100 sport photography, cycling, commercial sport photography, cycling photography. Cycling for children, Unicef, fundraising. Olivier Borgognon, commercial outdoors, action & sports photographer dedicated to creating key visuals and brand campaigns to make a dent in this world.
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GFX 100 sport photography

When talking about photography and gear, the holy grail is often seen as Medium Format Cameras. Now when Fujifilm asked me to give the GFX 100 a test run over a week-end, I could not wait to hit the road with it and shoot a GFX 100 Sport photography project. Bare in mind that this […]


Shooting Brand Key Visuals

First of all what are Brand Key Visuals ? Well key visuals are the essential images shot for a specific brand. They define the essence of what the brand is about, or are those visuals you find on billboards, or in large format in stores around the world. Key visuals are usually quite Iconic, and […]


Commercial photography – Checklist

I want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your commercial photography project. That everything goes according to plan. This is why i came up with this checklist to help you get everything together. But in order to provide you with an accurate estimate, here are a few questions you will need to […]