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The Journal

Business, tips & tricks, consulting, inspiratin, workflow & process, photoshoot planning and much more. This is my journal. 

Anything non portfolio related, which can be of use to you, make you grow, improve, inspire you and motivate you is what you will find here. 

The final aim simply being to build a creative community, make the world a better place and react to negativity with the strongest power. 

Let’s meet in real life, that’s what it’s all about. This is THE JOURNAL

Considering a series of corporate visuals

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Ski photography- Fujifilm x-T3

Photography is not a job, it’s a way of life. And by way of life I mean that it drives you, it takes you along a path that you might not yet be able to imagine. I have always been driven to skiing, snowboarding, sea and mountains. Ski photography and adventure, outdoors, sport photography are […]

How to quit Social Media

The deep “why” i quit social media

You might have followed my take on social media since last year, and as a top player in the sport industry and as a large brand, you may wonder why on earth someone would quit social media, especially a photographer or someone in the arts industry. As a marketing manager, Media Content manager, or creative […]


How sports impacts my photographic work

When I was 12, I dreamed about becoming a photographer, and growing up in a family who loved to take part in leisurely sports activities, we used to go hiking, skiing, swimming, and I would cycle to school as a normal mean of transport, and to say the least, sport impacts my photographic work. Life […]


ArchiStreeture in Barcelona

a busy 2018, highlighting what I love most, the human being, the sport photography & Active Outdoors Lifestyle, and 2019 that begins intensely at the visual level. Departure on January 2, 2019 for a 6-day adventure, discovering the cobbled streets of Barcelona. Welcome to everyone to my ArchiStreeture in Barcelona. I wanted to rediscover a […]

blurred lines - A personal project with the Fujifilm X-T3 - Olivier borgognon - commercial sports & outdoors photographer

Minimalism in 2019 – business productivity

Looking back at 2018, it has been amazing, adventurous, bound to people and travel, and fascinating experiences, and it also lead me to minimalism. Here are a few things i’m looking forward to sharing with you as I believe they might help you focus on your craft, your expertise and not on things. When I […]

How to quit Social Media

The power of beliefs

The power of Beliefs It takes strength to go against a global flow, and it takes guts to believe in yourself, and in what you feel is right for YOU. The power of beliefs is essential to Well-being, and making things take place for you. It has now been since April 1st that I have […]

find your why, meraki, definition of the greek word

Find your Why to find your Way

As a firm believer that we all have a purpose in life, and we create our lives in front of us, it is my belief that we must find our WHY in order to find our way. Simon Sinek has written and spoken about it, and put words on this topic, and to this I […]