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You are not cancer or any other so-called incurable disease

You are not cancer or any other so-called incurable disease

Cancer and other so-called incurable diseases begin with a thought, conscious or unconscious. Then comes an energetic flow that gets blocked and stagnates in the physical or energetic, emotional, mental body (we have 19 bodies, like Russian dolls). You are not defined by cancer, or any other disease you may have contracted.

Authority and beliefs will have a huge impact on our thoughts, and therefore on our bodies, and, in turn, on disease.

I am not a doctor, but I believe that each of us can heal ourselves. For this, it is necessary to assist the mental, emotional and physical bodies to release what needs to be released, by bringing unconditional love to each person.

If you, a loved one, friend, family member is suffering from cancer or another so-called incurable disease, the initial question comes back to that threshold of love for you.

  • Do you feel ready to make a major or even radical change in your life?
  • Integrate new thought processes
  • New food mechanisms
  • A transformation in your physical, social or professional environment?
  • Ready to be reborn?

When I say you are not the disease, note that I do not say “your”. because it does not belong to you, it does not own you, you do not own it, and it does not define you.

it walks with you, by your side, but does not define you, and therein lies an essential part of the healing path. This path to recovery from cancer, or any other incurable disease, is supported by :

  • Various therapeutic methods
  • Energetic care
  • Hypnosis Therapy
  • Medical care and treatment
  • Modern medicine
  • Holistic or therapeutic medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Ayurveda
  • Food rebalancing
  • Living… according to what makes you feel alive
  • etc.

The risk of authority

If an authority figure tells you that you have 6 months to live, and you accept this thought as true, your subconscious mind will do its programming in that direction. He is the master of the game in us, and chances are that no matter how much you want to do what you want to do, you will go along with it…Unless you decide that you want to reprogram yourself differently.

That being said, it is essential to understand that sometimes the healing is not physical, sometimes it leads to one being able to live longer, and sometimes not, but the path has been such that an acceptance and a path of forgiveness and joy has revolutionized the lives of those who have walked it.

So what some call the miracle for me is not a miracle, but a series of choices, changes, acceptances and renewals at the mental, emotional and cellular level that allow the body to take that step towards healing, and this, without guilt of success or not, because it is a path that is lived.

credit : pexel

The ego dictates the life of some, the being dictates the path. And we are both, our ego is part of our being. It is up to us to decide on the precious balance between the two.

Do you want to stop everything and not walk anymore? Accepting everything that comes in “yes, yes” mode without appreciating the extraordinary gift of deciding 100% of what feels right for you?

A therapist or magnetizer does not have the power to heal, nor does a doctor or anyone else, except yourself. Each of us is a creator, we dictate a part of information to our cells at each moment. However, we are here to allow your body to access parts that it would have put “on the back burner” or under the rug, as a mode of protection in the beginning. He is able to go and unravel them on his own, but it’s like if I decide to put a lock on an emotion because it hurts, I’m going to do everything I can, in order not to open that lock… even if I tell myself it’s right to do so. This is where therapists come in.

Accessing the path of healing from cancer or any other disease, which will lead you as I said above, either to full health, or to an extension of your life, or to healing but not in the physical sense, is possible and lies within each of us. But only you and your soul are able to do this for you.

Accompaniment during a long illness, a cancer type illness is done by various means.

  • Guiding and guiding
  • Take a proactive stance in the process, because if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen.
  • If you actively desire change, and move towards it, then perhaps you will reach a stage of sublimation of the disease and its symptoms.

Having been a companion during a phase of small cell lung cancer, I have discovered various facets of an illness, changes implemented, or potentially to be implemented, I have seen changes, phases of forgiveness, phases of doubt, moments of anger, tears and laughter, and I saw life, I saw unconditional love, acceptance of who she was, fully, of her ability to exchange, to love life deeply, and her willingness to admit, and let go of what had to be let go of.

Thus, I have also seen the loneliness, the uncertainty, something that we do not imagine, because it is called a sword of Damocles over his head, when in reality we all have it, at every moment, no more, no less than being sick, but at the time when the diagnosis falls, the sword seems simply more visible than before.

Hope and belief make all the difference. For the light is there, all around you, and all you have to do is move in that direction to get closer to it.

You are not the incurable disease, you are not the prognosis, you are not what the medical authority or anyone says you are. You are unique, you are you, and only you have the ability to decide what is right and good for you.

A child is not born null in maths or languages, but it is certain that by repeating to him that he is null in maths, his results will go down, all studies on the subject prove it. So one thing is clear, if you want to move forward on a path of light, decide who you will listen to, believe, and what information you will accept.

A prognosis that gives 8 out of 10 deaths is not fair, because it is based on 8 deaths mainly and not on 2 survivors, and to be realistic is to say that 100% of people have access to the possibility of overcoming the disease, and returning to a path of healing, however 2 do, and you are part of the 2 as you are part of the 8, because you are part of the 100%.

I remain convinced that you have the keys to healing from cancer or any other incurable disease within you, that each of us has the keys within us to find the path of light, and to access what our deepest being has planned for us.

Thus, I accompany, in silence, in care, in hypnosis, in karmic and energetic care, in emotional release. This care is a transmission, but the person who does it, in the end, is you, that part of you that accepts to receive, to be loved, to deserve to live.

You will heal yourselves through you, through the unconditional love that I have for you and that you will have for yourselves, and through this extraordinary path that you decide to take, and on which I will gladly guide you.

Let’s dare to explore other facets of well-being and care support.




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