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Relaxing Hypnosis in Mexico

In February 2021, I took the decision to travel to Mexico, amidst the COVID measures and uncertainty of the world economy. The objective was to explore myself, get into learning to surf again after my exploration in 2018.

I headed to the west coast, after a few days in CDMX (Mexico City), then, direction Puerto Escondido, Punta Zicatela, and then pursued my trip to Mazunte and Zipolite where i decided to stick around for 10 days.

An objective was to develop more of my remote work as a hypnotherapist and energy healer, see how I could really create an environment, wherever I am, working with my clients online, through another timeZone.

Traveling brings relationships, new people, amazing experiences, discovery of a culture, food, and a lot about yourself.

Relaxing hypnosis is something i’ve been providing to groups and individual clients for over 1 year at this time, and the changes people were experiencing were simply outstanding.

Some could not even believe how those relaxing hypnosis sessions could really change things, but as they hadn’t changed anything else, it was a given that these sessions had a tremendous impact on their lives, in a very positive way. One person actually wrote to me to tell me that those sessions changed her life.

So here I am, in Zipolite, it’s my birthday, and meet up with two amazing people. A man and his mother, traveling in mexico. Their names, Carla and Jason Rupp. We start chatting, decide to go for a meal, a few drinks, and here we are talking about our jobs, what we are passionate about and our lives.

I discover that Carla Rupp is a journalist, musician and she travels the world. If you want to know more about her, just follow her Carla Rupp Instagram

Then, comes Jason Rupp. Jason is her Son, he’s in his 30’s and I discover that he’s a Youtube Content creator. I don’t like the term Youtuber as it’s often seen negatively. So I inquire about this business, how things work, how he creates content, and seriously, it’s another world. It’s absolutely fascinating.

You can discover him a bit more through his instagram Don’t miss the plane and his Youtube channel Jason Rupp

We spent a few days meeting up here and then, chatting, and we come up with the idea of him exploring hypnosis. He’d never tried Hypnosis or hypnotherapy, has hardly heard of it before, and would love to experience this.

Obviously, for those who know me, i’m totally game for experiencing with new people, and bringing awareness to consciousness. Tell me it’s impossible, i’ll give it a try. If a person has a trauma, i’ll give my best to challenge the status quo. If it’s an incurable disease… it’s maybe emotional and it’s in the Personality, let’s go too! Life is too short to consider bullshit and not trying anything to save a life or change someones life.

So, we decide together that we are going to do a Relaxing hypnosis session, on a nearby location by the beach, at sunset, in public, to bring him to feel the beauty of this.

I wanted to share this experience of relaxing hypnosis with you. You can watch it to discover with your conscious mind, and then maybe, watch it again, Following my voice, and enjoying a relaxing hypnosis, and changing your internal state.

If you want to know more, check out my hypnotherapy healings, using similar techniques and going deeper into changing your programmed patterns.

Feel free to drop me a message, connect to my social media, or say hi, I’ll be happy to hear from you.




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