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Learn self-hypnosis, and get a hypnorelax & kundalini activation


An EXCLUSIVE Experience like you’ve never had before!

During 1 whole day, you will take part in an exploration of the 5 elements.

This group experience, stays minimalist and exclusive, with a maximum of 6 participants.

One in a lifetime exploration, connecting to consciousness, going deep inside your internal being.

Sailing on the ocean, surrounded by the elements, feeling the wind in your hair, swimming in water, connecting to Earth by walking in the sand, feeling Fire by heat & volcanos of the islands, and connecting to ether, through nothingness of consciousness.

Fully connected to the elements, you will receive an Amazing HypnoRelax® Integrate (which includes 1 hour of Hypnosis & a Shaktipat Kundalini Activation.

The sailing experience heightening this unique and exclusive experience, you will learn the required theoretical elements of Hypnosis, the Deep state of transe, the Simpson Protocol, the triggers, and you will be taken through the first steps of self-hypnosis.

A delicious Lunch, snorkelling, enjoying the beach, We board ship again, and enjoy more sailing. You will be invited to go within, and start playing with your freshly learned knowledge.

The afternoon will bring more Hypnotic Transe, theory, and practical application of Self-Hypnosis. We’ll also cover how to best use the Simpson Protocol® Self-Hypnosis techniques to ask & create change in your life.

Alternating Sailing, relax time, swimming, snorkelling, and deep introspective work, self-hypnosis and energy healing, this will be a day to remember.

After a snack, we’ll be sailing back to port, and closing the circle, calling this a day, with emotions, love, and gratitude for this life changing experience.

This unique experience of personal growth, will require a financial investment on your part as well as an emotional and personal one.

The price of this experience is of 295€ per person.

When unique meets Unique, the world creates yet another element of unique

What’s the adventure about?

Imagine, you meet at the harbour with a lifetime Captain, and a hypnotherapist/energy healer, ready to board.

You are heading into an amazing experience. Something totally new, beautiful, an exploration with your eyes, and deep inside your soul.

This is Unique, Exclusive. An exploration, connected to the ocean, wind, sun, the 5 elements, pure nature.

AND you are also going within. Taken on a ride into your deepest self.

You will Learn Self-Hypnosis, to enter that state easily explore your energy field, your subconscious mind, challenging some of your shadows, and give them some love and light.

The ship is a beautiful Sailing Yacht. Lorenzo and her will be taking care of us, connecting with us, and interacting from our most profound energy field.

Lorenzo has been sailing, navigating the oceans and the 7 seas for years. May it be solo, with crew, as well as taking care of guests, chartering. A true Captain, soulful, passionate & deeply connected to nomadism, migration concerns, human rights, and ecological concerns, he will be our guide to the outside elements.

As a master hypnotherapist and Energy healer, I’m the one taking you inside. Exploring the inner-world, connecting to that inside world of yours. Circling and flowing within.

Together, we bring you into what we consider being a unique, mesmerising, soulful adventure. Which hopefully could ripple into other aspects of your day to day life.

All this, for only 295€ per person for this unique experience, accessible to an exclusive 6 participants maximum on board.

This is simply a game & life changer!

A Life Changer!

We are all into some kind of exploration. Some are doing it through science, others through art, or music, writing, creation of a certain type.

Some exploration requires to travel geographically, other requires to meet people, and it can also be a path to go within, under the guidance of those who have, in their time, walked these same steps.

If you are here, reading this. Considering there are no coincidences, just synchronicities. You know, and understand, by letting the logical mind aside, that this, is somehow part of your amazing life path, and that self-hypnosis & energy healing has been put in front of you for a reason.

You’re going to learn to “talk” with those parts of you, tapping into your inner wisdom & deeper knowledge. You are going to learn the Simpson Protocol® self-hypnosis course. Yes, we are talking learning the basics of Hypnotherapy for a personal use. Receive a deeply transformative HypnoRelax® Integrate (including Hypnosis & Shaktipat Kundalini Activation).

You are ready to Empower yourself in all aspects of your life.

Today, we are bringing you a unique, exclusive space of self discovery, reconnecting to the elements, sailing, self-hypnosis course, energy healing, full-board, for 295€, all included.

We know that might sound crazy, yet we also know you’ll be going home with a total energy shift, a massive sailing day, and tools of self-hypnosis which you’ll be using for a lifetime. That’s not far fetched from just AMAZING, for just 295€.

Exploring the unknown, we travel the seven seas of our

Deep Down we go

8.30AM – Harbour Tea/Coffee & Meetup

9.00AM – Boarding Sailing She

Morning Program

Around 1.00pm – Lunch

Afternoon Program

  • Sailing time
  • Self-Hypnosis SimpsonProtocol® Course
  • Practical application
  • Snack time
  • Relax & self-practice time on the beach
  • Closing Circle
  • Sail back to port

Around 6.00pm – Return to harbour


Français | English | Español

All Sessions can be driven in the above mentioned languages. However Energy healing can be given to my german audience.




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