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Ripple effect

Do you know that presence has a major ripple effect on you, others, and the world ?

When Gandhi was stating that to change the world, you had to change yourself, there was a large lesson to be learnt.

Many people see themselves as incomplete, as not enough, not worthy, limited, insecure. Others are on the egotic, condescendent, despicable side, for they feel they are worthy of putting others down, through their doing, status, or privileges.

All this, globally, has an effect, I call the ripple effect, on ourselves, and on others around us.

Changing the world by shifting our perspective is how ripple effect takes place. It’s a Pay it forward, by creating inner change, the whole face value of life changes.

A ripple effect is when, through our being, by not attempting to do anything, just our presence, our energy, our flow, we create change.

As you certainly know, everything in the universe is in movement. Cells, atoms, energy, up to tectonic plates, water, plants, beings, everything changes constantly. So how can this change, and be affected by our own change, and shift in our own being?

Well it’s quite simple, so let’s look at ripple effect from this perspective of a parent. I have 3 kids I consider as my children, my biological daughter, and 2 children born from their father who incarnated them with my deceased partner.

These children, during many years, heard me talk about personal development. From Tony Robbins, NLP, hypnosis, to energy healing, coaching techniques, law of attraction and so on. They also had the parts where i was a Pain in the Ass, negative & shitty to them. Yes, nobody is perfect, and I was not, and am not perfect, yet perfectly imperfect.

During years, I thought that they were not integrating the info, I could see patterns, it was sometimes driving me nut. However what I also noticed was that some parts were used, once in a while.

The shift or the Ahaa moment!

Then one day, My daughter was talking about an issue a friend of hers had. She then followed by telling me how she dealt with it, and what she suggested to her friend. What a surprise to see that she was giving some of the tools i was talking about 6 years beforehand.

Another of the kids was asking his friends on Instagram what problems (more on a creation of a product idea) they needed to solve. Each one of them came up with answers, yet all those were emotional, relational, psychological and not product related.

What came up next was amazing too. His answers were all tips on personal development, coaching. Including many that we had spoken about over the years, for him, for the others, and so on.

So how does this affect the collective?

Now, if we come back to Ripple effect, how does this globally change the world? Well first of all we see that this is not in the doing. It’s not about the job, the studies, the career path, they are kids, in their teens and now young adulthood.

We can also see that the ripple effect has driven them to share one nugget of information they received, then to many people. The ripple is expanding from one person, to 3, to each of them sharing nuggets to their friends. The extent of friends, over the years is unknown.

Now each of these friends has this nugget of information. The ripple effect is expanding, exponentially. Each of their friends, can in time, share this information further, use it, adapt it, for themselves.

This goes for the positive, as for the negative. As much as we feel we don’t have an impact on the world. Sometimes it takes so little to change a life, to shift a perspective.

By feeling love, receiving the knowledge, opening up, we explore our barriers & our deepest parts, we are gifting the world.

Go to hell ripple effect, i’m fed up with self-help!

Some people don’t like personal development, get annoyed with it. They are like ok, enough of that stuff now, let’s just live. Yes, let’s live, this is also deconstruction. When we call it work, we’ve got it all wrong, as it’s a ripple. How? by just being! Doing nothing, not forcing, but entering a state of joy, can we shift ourselves, and the world around us ?

Think about the last time you didn’t try to mentor, but just enjoyed sharing your nuggets, because you were getting a total kick out of it. Now Look at how this could change the world?

Did you do anything? No, you didn’t do anything “special”! Yet, this is how the whole world changes, and creates expansion. Consciousness doesn’t grow from diplomas, from papers on the wall. It grows from that state of being, where sharing nuggets is just natural. Nuggets being energetic, words, sounds, music, texts, frequencies, or anything else.

When you’re exploring yourself, maybe through an energy healing session. Maybe you decide to love yourself enough not to get annoyed, angry or triggered by a situation. You might suddenly feel the urge to go for a hypnotherapy session. All this, the knowledge you’re acquiring on yourself, is offering nuggets to the world.

You’re creating a Ripple effect. You’re creating the change that you want to see in the world. You are The creator. you are the change.

The story is yours to write. Are you going to write the book you want to read? The story you want to see in the world? The movie you’d like to watch? So, as you’re the creator, you can now do it, for yourself!

Who cares what others think, you’re the director, and with love and care, you can gift your change to the world.

Now, whenever you feel your deconstruction is work, not worthy, a pain, just stay aware that everything you’re exploring is a nugget to someone else. Now you’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for you. Nonetheless, what you’re doing has a major impact on the ripple effect.

Be the wave, Be the ocean, Be the drop, Be the ripple !

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