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Releasing guilt

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on how guilt, shame, fear, criticism and lack of self-love were impacting every single area of your life ? Let’s see how it is most certainly affecting you, and how you can enter a space of releasing guilt.

What is guilt?

Guilt has many synonyms which can bring an answer to this question. The initial definition comes in 2 parts. The first one is an accusation of wrongdoing and the second is setting a sense of culpability in order to induce a specific behaviour.

What is worth keeping in my humble opinion is that guilt comes from the consideration that an external party knows and decides what is good, and that they set a dogma, law, intent of wrongdoing which leads people to consider they are not complying.

How does this affect life

We have found guilt since centuries, and a large part of it has been set by rulers, governments, royalty, religion, and by people from our loving circles such as our parents. the saying “as Above, Below”. Simply because it’s trickling down to the lowest denominator, which is the human being we are.

When we speak about guilt, we can certainly feel those moments lived, where our parents, brothers, sisters, partners, managers, teachers or any one around us, has told us that “if this, then that” or “if not this, then that”.

Guilt and wrongdoings come from that belief within us that we shall act as told in order to be worthy of love.

From this deep rooted sensation of commitment to another persons desires, by choice as we are the one to decide what we do, comes pain, blockages within the whole nervous system and our energy fields.

The energy of guilt doesn’t flow, it constricts, it closes down, it brings resentment, exasperation, tension, and this, with time, builds up into trauma, emotional pain, and physical issues such as accidents, wounds or diseases and illnesses.

why release guilt?

As you may start to figure out, guilt creates major stress in our energy fields, and we can’t blame others for what they have done, which would make us victims. However, what we can do, is enter our space of power, and accept that we have tolerated and done things which we were not ok with.

By accepting, surrendering, we can see more clearly what is taking place, and we can change the game. We can change the rules, by shifting the energy.

When we shift the energy, through deep energy healing work and subconscious work in hypnosis, we start feeling changes. we induce new behaviours in others simply by positioning ourselves in a space of “goodDoings” of our own self.

Releasing guilt, looking for love in the right place, meaning within ourselves, brings us to explore our own identity. We are not independent and dissociated from the world, but we are whole within our own identity.

identity and guilt

When in a space of guilt, culpability and peer pressure, we can’t identify ourselves as ourselves. We become the other, and often, people have that sense of being lost, of having lost themselves. This comes not from freedom of being alone, but from the space of having given their identity away in order to be loved.

This can come from many factors of dependency, and very often comes from a young age, when parents, most of the time unwillingly, set guilt in sentences. We start to loose our identity, slowly, as a trickle, at school, with friends, and suddenly, the cup is full, and the body breaks down either physically or emotionally.

Benefits of releasing guilt

By releasing guilt, people start taking ownership of their own actions. The main element is a totally new outlook of life. When we release guilt out of our lives, we explore ourselves. Now this doesn’t mean that it’s a pleasant journey as this will bring out many emotions, some might even be trans-generational or collective, but the journey, trust me for having been there many times, is well worth the value.

When releasing guilt, one will explore what they enjoy, don’t enjoy, will feel aligned in speaking up their own truth, without making it a right for all, but for themselves. The freeing sensation of not being better, nor worse, but just themselves. Agreeing that people disagree, accepting themselves for who they are, fully, with the good and bad within them.

Knowing that we are in constant change allows to play with our own feeling of guilt, our self-love, and releasing entitlement for the serenity of being, what we feel like being and not what we feel we should be for other people.

How to proceed ?

There is no magic wand to releasing guilt. it’s a process, it’s a choice, it’s your own decision. That’s why many people prefer to stay in pain, because it’s easier to stay with the devil we know than to go and deeply explore ourselves, and see our former patterns without judging ourselves for how we have acted.

My personal approach is an energetic release of the various energy bodies, and a process through hypnosis to release the subconscious programs within. Through a path which is unique to everyone, the duration will vary for each person, clients will start seeing the patterns, exploring their truth, and feeling a huge shift in their life experience.

If you would like to know more about it, feel free to book a 30 minutes consultation (this is not a healing session, it’s an assessment consultation) and we can see if you’re ready to move forward, and if i’m ready to take you in as a client.




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