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Life is joy, joy is love, love is simple

Keep it simple

Life, things, our past, our future, our emotions and our programs are simple, we’ve just decided to make them complicated, consciously or unconsciously, to keep us busy and afraid to explore them.

Minimalism is the essence of change, one piece at a time. Mount Everest is climbed one step at a time.

Your challenges, desires, plans & projects are your own Everest. Let’s work on them, one piece at a time.

a little about me

My Story

My name is Olivier Borgognon and my brand name is The fucked up Therapist

My service to humanity is being, and through my being, offering various holistic, quantum, energy activations, Energy Healing, hypnotherapy, coaching programs and pure presence of love.

Life has challenged me & offered me gifts along the way. challenges have made me grow, life, love, death, passion, bliss, pain, tears and joy, all these amazing times have offered pacing and harmony.

From a very scientific background, i’ve grown into a conscious human being by exploring darkness, seeing my friends transmute, my partner transition from life to death through Cancer, become a father, a step-father, explore ego and non-ego, and many other situations which have led me to profound external & deep inside.

Personal growth is for me the source of all external change, and we can’t shift consciousness without accepting that we are creators of both the problem and the solution.

Personal development books, years of training in energy healing, spiritual healing, channeling, worldwide recognised hypnotherapy certifications, workshops, and educating myself have given me fabulous tools.

However, These tools would have been useless had I not taken the steps to feel deeply and go within, consciously and unconsciously. It is the deep connection to my emotions, my past, my path & what life was reflecting upon me which gave me access to my light.

I gifted myself, by challenging my being, my beliefs, my upbringing, my programs over the years, from a place of love, which has changed me, transformed me, and allows me to be the confident healer guiding you through your own path.

It is now an honour to share my light through spiritual, soul healings and reconnecting who feels the calling with who they don’t yet know they are.

My minimalist journey, reconnecting to our inner power and reducing to expand is leading me to writing content and a book on now to reach “meaning my life”. You’ll find more on the topic in my blog section.

Are we the right fit for your change ?

Specialised in complex diseases & traumas

My main area of focus are people with complex traumas, diseases or illnesses in need of a transformational shift.

Maybe you’ve been through sexual, emotional, or physical trauma, a fear or a phobia, or you’re facing an addiction, a complex disease such as Cancer, chronic pain, major allergies, or any highly impeding life issue.

If you’re determined that you want this change, for yourself, not to please others, and not because they asked you to and you’re just doing it for them, then we might be ready to work as a team on your return to well-being.

How can we work together?

I am highly selective of the type of clients I accept within my clientele. This allows for high quality of service, dedication and a deep desire for transformation.

Forget the Therapist safari, if you’re on a ride, trying everything outside of you to heal your life, there is little to no chance we’ll be working together.

Here are the requirements for you to become part of my circle of clients:

  • You are being referred by a minimum of 1 client of mine
  • We have already worked together on other problematics
  • You are referred by a common friend
  • You have taken part in one of my group sessions or events
  • We have connected online



Certified NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) Hypnotherapy Practitioner
OMNI HYPNOSIS Master Hypnotherapist & Practitioner
Certified EFT Practitioner
Certified Hypnotherapist & Practitioner Simpson Protocol Hypnosis

Member of Hypnotherapist professional Associations NGH, IBHEC, OMNI

Energy & Quantum Healing

LNT® La Nueva Terapia Certified Therapist
Kundalini Activation Facilitator (KS) Kundalini Serpent
Universal Rays Healing Practitioner
Reiki Level 2
Quantum Touch Level 1
Channelling through Open To Channel

Member of Community Circles

Mentors of love & Wisdom – Expressor seed – Unity of the heart
Hypnotherapist professional Associations NGH, IBHEC, OMNI




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