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Replay or not

Vibrating frequencies shaking our molecules into matter, we show up under human form as a physical body. Yet we are not only that, and science is slowly discovering that it doesn’t hold truth under all forms and shapes. The question is, is our reality an ongoing replay or not of what we are storing inside ourselves ?

Should we consider ourselves energy, we have different layers, called the Aura, energy fields, energy bodies, looking like matruskas (russian dolls), entangled one in the other.

Consciousness on another hand was thought by science in our brain, however we are more and more connecting to the fact that our thoughts or consciousness could be outside of ourselves, interconnected, and therefore we are not separate, but part of a whole ecosystem which we call earth, galaxies, nature, consciousness.

From the medical point of view, we are a physical body. From the psychological point of view, we are a psychic or emotional body. From an energy point of view we are frequencies in energy bodies. From a hypnotherapy point of view, we are part of a whole including a subconscious mind storing what we have taken part in.

All these points of view, holistically taken, are correct, as we are all, yet not only, and accessing well-being comes under many forms, excluding none, and including only those we resonate with, for we have an inner wisdom which outsiders don’t hold.

So, why is the approach of “replay or not” essential in our path and in our own exploration ? Well, if we consider that we are replaying patterns, many of which subconscious, which made us who we are, and created coping mechanisms to keep us alive since we were born, our super computer, maybe even a quantum computer inside us, creates what is outside, based on what is inside.

It will store information in the dense bodies such as the physical or etherical, or maybe on a higher layer, such as the the mental, emotional, spiritual, atmic, or further apart body, up to consciousness of our soul being.

Patterns are replays, and we are creatures of habit, not only through our thoughts, but also through our body. For example, when dealing with cravings, or pain, or desire, it can go through the physical body entering a certain state. It could be emotional, and we are touching information stored in another body, or it could be mental processes, thoughts, or another layer.

All are interconnected, some information is stored across all fields, from trans-generational information, we hold from the collective, the parents, grandparents, the whole lineage, the country, and some we have created through habit or a matter of tribal survival, as it’s complex to become the Purple Unicorn, leading the pack into change.

Acting from a space of love, we are our own expression. Taking that sometimes intense decision to change a pattern, leave a toxic relationship, a job, step down and say no, and take responsability for our own change is sometimes difficult, yet it’s often the most important step of our life. It could be as liberating as reprogramming our subconscious patterns with hypnotherapy, opening up and releasing blockages and flowing with our Kundalini energy with Shaktipat, creating a space of fluidity in our energy fields, or releasing blocks with La Nueva Terapia LNT.

We are creators, the most powerful and intense creators we can be. Can we become anything ? Maybe, maybe not, and there is some important factor to take in, as somehow a “reality check”.

I’m 47 years old, and I can become anything, yet i’m realistic that I might not become an Astronaut or a 100m Olympic Sprint Gold medalist in this lifetime.

However, I can also assume that I can still be a creator of many things in my life, and create a wonderful life, in balance, with well-being, and I believe we all can, once we take the steps to release our own story, our victimhood, and enter a space of flow within what we are exposed to in our lives.

The exploration is endless, and that’s kind of unimportant, as the exploration is the beauty of its own path. The more we learn to become undefined, the more we are everything. Becoming flow in an ocean of chaos, releasing patterns, releasing the grip we are holding on what one day stood true allows us to become a new version of ourselves.

Have you ever wondered how fluid, simple, yet amazing, flowing, yet with boundaries, joyful within the roller-coaster ride, your life could become, by releasing some, to many, or who knows, all the non-essential replay or not patterns in your life ?

Life will still be flowing, things will take place, people will have reactions, speak to you maybe harshly, you might fall, and get back up, but with a new understanding that you are in a beautiful space of “Ah… that again, ok, thank you for the lesson, let me clear that” instead of a victim space.

So, how about we start taking care of those energy bodies, subconscious patterns, and replays, for you to explore that beautiful hero that you are, which you might not see, as it’s been hiding under a few layers or non-harmonized energies and programmings.




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