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Connecting to your pillar of light & opening your field of consciousness




According to the sanscrit ancestral texts and the spiritual descriptions from the various ancestral tribes, there are 3 levels of energy and ways to access them, and within these levels are deeper levels.

Those levels do not relate to levels of experience of participants, and don’t require to have gone from level 1 to level 2, to then level 3.

They are frequencies and levels of energy the facilitator connects to during the session.

  • 1st level of connection is PRANAPAT
  • 2nd level of connection is SHAKTIPAT
  • 3rd level of connection is SHIVAPAT

Pranapat level allows for the facilitator or person connecting to it to move prana energy (which is the energy of the 4 elements) within our energy fields, through our energy bodies.

Shaktipat is a deeper connection to the source of energy, and entering a deeper state of resonance through meditation, one can access & bring balance to the energy fields of someone else through moving energy, and touch.

Shivapat is the deepest of these levels, and is accessed through deep meditative state of the facilitator, connecting to the source of energy. In this state, he finds himself almost “dissolved” and doesn’t need to touch, or access the actual energy fields of the people he is working with. He will be impacting his own expansion of the morphic field, expanding his own aura, and by doing this, it will create resonance within the other morphic fields, like a tuning fork would for sound.

Shivapat & Shaktipat are also the feminine and masculine polarities of our kundalini energy.

The kundalini energy is the core energy flowing through all beings, through our body, and is also called our sexual energy & creative energy.

Energy Bodies are like russian dolls (matruchka), and go from the DNA, transgenerational, etheric, physical, mental, emotional, aura, buddhic, soul.

We have according to various sources, 7 to 15 energy bodies, and our chakras go from 3 to 17 according to the various sacred texts.


By taking part in shaktipat session, you will be receiving kundalini energy flowing from the person giving the session.

The benefits of opening your chakras and balancing your energy fields is a clearer connection with yourself, and with the field of consciousness.

Shaktipat is taping into our sympathic and para-sympathic parts of our central nervous system. So it creates a Path to Liberation, it’s a powerful rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system through tapping into altered states of consciousness, and eventually, even non-dual states, depending on your level of Presence, Trust, and Surrender.

SHAKTIPAT has always been shaktipat. Many have channeled this information, this energy, some associate it to Filipino shamanic tradition, others to Indian, others from Bali, as this energy is awakening within all of us. This specific method of shaktipat was channeled to David Tur and goes under the name Kundalini Serpent.

This is clearly assisting us into a state of heightened awareness and awakening our innate power to heal from within. Becoming whole again, One with Source and the whole of Creation.

What Happens?

During a session of SHAKTIPAT Kundalini activation, you are invited to lie down on a yoga mat with your eyes closed and relax, surrendering to a process of pure Listening.

If the session is Online, just lie in a comfortable place, where you won’t be disturbed for the time of the session.

Kundalini Serpent SHAKTIPAT uses the direct energy transmission of the clear channel, in this case, it would be me, Olivier Borgognon.

Through his own trance, guided by the flow of energy, releasing and dissolving himself in the embodiment of the source of all energy, olivier will then proceed to connect to your physical and etheric body in specific energetic points of the chakras and body meridians. Further allowing to activate the latent and dormant original creative and sexual vibrational energy and the memory in your liquid body at a cellular and DNA level.

With both online and in presence Shaktipat Kundalini Activation sessions, the use of specific beats, rythms and music, flowing in speed, intensity and vibration. This will support you in entering an altered state of consciousness, allowing you to reach deeper and deeper states of relaxation and activation.

What can arise within your body?

  • total reset: feeling whole, inspired, empowered and re-aligned 
  • You could feel more mental clarity 
  • feelings of deep unshakable calm, safety, relaxation, inner peace, presence, and acceptance
  • increase in overall energy and vitality
  • liberation and relief from stress, tension, pain, and stagnant energy in your body and nervous system
  • more confidence in who you are and your capacities
  • feeling in love with life and yourself 
  • Releasing old patterns through sudden menstruation
  • Emotional release & tension release
  • activation of your sexual energy 
  • emotional release and overcoming traumatic experiences (individual, ancestral, and collective)
  • improved creativity, productivity, and self-expression
  • shifting your perception thus opening up to Magic
  • broadening awareness of the body, mind, and energy
  • living courageously
  • understanding and releasing limiting believes
  • peeling away the layers of conditioned mental, emotional, social, and cultural limitations
  • letting go of judgments or preconceived notions of what your experience should be like
  • remembering who you are and coming back home to yourself
  • more connected with your intuition, inner voice, and wisdom of your own Soul
  • more resilient, unapologetic, and efficient in decision-making, language, and thoughts
  • direct experience of energy transmission and activation
  • remembrance and more alignment with your true self and purpose
  • shifting into a more conscious living: from craving to whole food to more healthy sleeping patterns and nourishing relationships
  • being able to listen clearly to the messages your body is sending to you
  • important insights and realisation 
  • more spiritually connected and easily being able to access altered states of consciousness and non-dual awareness  
  • awakening of your innate psychic powers
  • accessing higher frequency vibrations: states of deep bliss, love, harmony, joy, and happiness
  • exploring a more expanded version of yourself
  • embracing the simplicity, flow, and cyclical nature of it All
  • seeing and being the Light again
  • integrating your and others shadow with compassion and forgiveness
  • feeling a deep intimate connection with yourself and all-that-IS through magical synchronicities, and messages through dreams

And yes, it’s a clearing process, and sometimes that brings things to the surface you would rather not see, feel, or experience. This is a necessary integrative process of learning to transform through loving presence one’s and other’s shadows back into Light.

In some other healings I provide, I call this a Healing crisis which can take place, like a purge to allow for new to enter.

Shaktipat Kundalini activation sessions can be done individually or by group, and are offered online and in presence to allow for a rapid, steady and beautiful collective awakening.

Kundalini Serpent method – awakening your kundalini pillar of light


Kundalini Activation

Take part in an amazing and life changing experience through a beautiful, moving, emotional, non describable experience of Shaktipat kundalini activation.

During 2 hours, may it be online or in presence depending on the events, experience the activation of your energy fields and receive this beautiful and unique healing within your multiple energy fields.


Français | English | Español

All Sessions can be driven in the above mentioned languages. Energy healing can also be provided for my german audience.




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