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Men, Please be vulnerable

It’s time to create a shift in consciousness. Time for a quantum leap. Time for men to enter their vulnerability. It’s the moment when men realise they can be vulnerable and change the world.

Obviously, not all men, as not all women, as generalising does more harm than good. Yet, i’ve noticed that in my case, i can call it 10… yes 10. 10 what ? 10 percent ? no… 10 men have entered my therapy space since i have started in 2019. That’s 10 men in 4.5 years for individual sessions.

The problem is that there is no space to be vulnerable. Yes, you heard it, there is NO Space. It’s not that the space doesn’t exist. It’s that the collective doesn’t want it to take place, and we’re pushing into the unhealthy masculine.

Unhealthy masculine

What is an unhealthy masculine? We are hearing about patriarchy, about matriarchy, about womens’ rights, freedom of speech, and so much more.

But when are we going to listen to the key element, our energy field and our subconscious programming?

The idea is not to enter a weak man, or a weak women, which would make us victims of our own demise. No, we are talking about entering our vulnerable space.

An unhealthy masculine, within his masculine energy, will be driven by performance, but not purpose. Driven by ego, not intuition. By confrontation, not assertiveness. Driven by his wounds, not his essence.

Challenging, replaying childhood pattens, exploring the need for a father, or a mother, in the various relationships. These relationships may be professional, personal, intimate.

Not recognising mistakes, holding grudges, blaming. Or worse, putting fault on the world around him and grinding his body to its own death.

Enter Soulful masculinity

When entering the space of balance in our own energies, a healthy masculine could be offering safety. Offering emotional balance, understanding, compassion, yet being clear and assertive of his own vision and path.

A soulful masculine has a rough idea of his direction, it may be changing, yet he is guiding and flowing within the obstacles.

Holding a stance, being assertive, yet releasing all the energy, tension, intensity which might trigger him. Should he feel triggered by being vulnerable, he shall explore the feeling and sensation within.

Are we ready, as men, to take on the challenge of being vulnerable? Are we going to offer the feminine their due? Allow them to be emotional, loving, passionate, flowing and dripping, as a pure expression of the divine?

Why are women entering a massive masculine energetic space ? Taking up the grind, the hussle, the battlefield ? Because we are not doing our part!

It’s kind of simple, if we are not ready to be pacific warriors, entering the battlefield of love. Exploring the wounds of our past generations, being non-moved by the wounds of the feminine, they will feel safe enough to enter a space of alignment, of love, of emotion.

Does this mean taking all the bullshit and the hurt, the toxic feminine, and the wounds? No, not at all. It’s all the opposite. Assertive, not confrontational. Yet being vulnerable enough to seek guidance, seek help, be observing of ourselves.

When you are expressing yourself, and feel a trigger, are you talking from your wound, or from your soul ? Are you vulnerable enough to speak from the soul, and not from the wound?

Vulnerable & conscious

Yes, men can be vulnerable, and conscious. Men can be conscious and assertive. Men can be Men, and women can be women.

Am I setting predicaments ? No. I remember that advertising a few years and a movie my daughter did with some friends on Being a girl.

As a father, it struck me, that we as parents were those creating this too. Through our words, actions, yes the collective furthers that, but it starts with us.

It starts with me as a father, being a man. It starts with mothers being women.

We decide, we can change this. It took me years to be vulnerable enough to attend circles. To go to some therapy sessions. Entering the space of energy healing, or hypnotherapy. To explore my own vulnerabilities, my pain, my wounds.

During all that time, I was in denial, a total illusion, as many men, as with many women i shared my life with too. It takes being vulnerable to show up. Being a man takes looking into ourselves. It takes being a man to sink into the shadows.

When people talk about awakening, it’s about waking up our own consciousness. And becoming enlightened is about looking at our shadows, and putting light on them. So it’s not about the other, being better, being more than the other. It’s about pure introspection. Pure deconstruction.

Deconstructing patterns

Yes, deconstructing what people have created, what people have decided, and for once, deciding that this, with us, today, changes.

You, as a man, have this challenge, this responsibility, this dedication to yourself and to women, to the world. Expressly are called to be vulnerable, to enter this space of consciousness. You shall observe your own awareness, your own consciousness.

And from this space, you are not to protect a woman as if it were some weak creature. No, you are to rise, and allow here to rise, as she, from her rising, allows you to rise. Protecting is allowing the other to be.

So, You might think there is nothing to gain, there’s no business prize, no money to earn from it. No, it’s not corporate, it won’t be the “i’m climbing the corporate ladder” type of work. Understand that It’s way deeper than that.

Please, I can’t beg you, I can’t force you, I can’t even suggest, as this would make no sense if this doesn’t resonate with you. Yet, I would be grateful for those of you who decide you can, you’re worthy, you’re loving to yourself.

Be ready to become, for vulnerability doesn’t mean weak. Being Vulnerable is probably the most courageous, and strongest place to be.




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