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Undefined being

We come as undefined beings, and we leave as undefined beings. In between those two moments of transformation, more transformation occurs. This transformation is called life, experiences, and adventure.

Considering we are tribal beings, a part of us is driven by the tribe. Another part of us is driven by the collective, outside our tribe. And our education comes into the loop as another element of abrogation of our own undefined being.

Unconsciously, we are surrendering our undefined state In an attempt to fit in.

By foregoing our nature, the body exits the homeostasis, yet it is also the experience, for without this, there is no going home.

The defined state

Most people live a large part of their lives in a defined state. Defined by status, belongings, tribe, family, job description, citizenship, activity and so many more. For many, it also enters the elements such as illness, trauma, disease, addiction definition.

The defined state could be explained as being part of a certain tribe, giving out our identity to what is, as if it was forever to be.

The issue with the defined state is that, in my understanding, and quest as a seeker, and explorer, is that it comes with identity. Identity will bring emotions, and feelings, through which, the body and our own aura or energy field will react.

If defined, i believe we are cursed. Cursed to be what we define ourselves as. I’m this, or that, so i’m fighting with all my soul, conscious, or subconscious, to keep that definition running.

The body might be indicating differently, it’s showing the way, it’s hurt, it’s shouting out emotions. Yet many keep on defining, as we’ve been taught that this wasn’t ours to choose.

Becoming undefined

If my assumption is correct, which doesn’t mean it holds true, as we are only reflections and prisms of our own perception of reality. When i become undefined, I enter my space, within, where the body, heart, mind, spirit connect together.

In my book, diseases, trauma, illnesses, and emotions are bound to our identity, and this identity is tied to being defined.

Therefore, there is a terrain for what takes place within us. It may be conscious or unconscious, let’s be clear, the idea is not to come in and whip ourselves more. A lot of this is part of 97% of what our body does without us even realising it.

If I want to become undefined, or wish to enter recovery, heal from an Illness, I first need to look deeply into it. I must then accept that this, as much as it is with me today, doesn’t define me forever. It can take therapy as I do through my hypnotherapy sessions, it can take going through energy healing, or some group relaxation sessions, or even mixing this with some Shaktipat Kundalini Activation sessions to bring another level of awareness

Now what does this mean in our day to day lives ? Well I believe that if there is a shift in identity, the terrain for illness and disease doesn’t hold a chance to be here.

We may have to go through a major purge, physical, emotional, mental, which the body will lead us to make. Nonetheless, if we follow through, from a space of love for ourselves, and not of fear of what our definition of today is, then, the chances are, we might create that shift in our lives.

Is being undefined a cure?

Yes and no! Being undefined in itself is not the cure. The cure might be loving yourself enough, not to be tied to a definition. So it’s not being undefined as such, but more surrendering to what is, by releasing what is not.

When you are not what you are, you become, for you are not yet, but are not as before either. And in that exact moment, you still are, as always.

For those going through trauma, addiction, disease and illness, being undefined might be the most empowering moment of their lives.

It might also be the most uncomfortable, as it could feel like the sand castle is collapsing, and everything they know is going down the drain. Yet trust the process, as nothing is as it really seems.

It could feel like a smooth ride, and it could feel like hell on earth, shattering your world. Yes, I won’t lie to you, when I first went into Undefined mode, It really started moving things, people, situations.

It still does, sometimes, but the process allows me to look at life in a totally different way. Love, abundance, flow, magic in each moment, even those of doubt, fear, sadness, as well as those of joy, passion, laughter.

By taking out the definition of who we are, we can enter a new state, a rebirth, and re-inform our body, our being, our cells, with this change. Bring back balance, homeostasis, compassion for ourselves, and create a new future, a new reality.

How can I start ?

Well, Being undefined starts by recognising that you are, or have defined yourself. Then, it takes the decision, that jump, that leap of faith from your part. Looking, observing, feeling, opening up to a field of emotions, and releasing fear.

It’s not a one shot, it’s not a blue pill, or a magic Wand and at the same time it all is, because through the process, you’re casting spells, you’re creating a shift, you’re giving yourself and your body the cure.

We are the poison and the antidote, and within us lies the power of our own exploration.

So, if you’re willing to change, and are in this process. I can only support this amazing decision, and suggest you take part in one of my programs.

The programs are individual ones, totally personalised, and adapted to your own shift in consciousness.

  • Transform your life, how to surrender and embrace change
  • Overcoming Grief, explore illness and open to life
  • Release stress & empower myself
  • Becoming Undefined, connecting to growth

These programs are over 2 or 3 months, and can bring global positive change in your life. Many clients from this undefined state, shift to new beginnings, and wish to continue, which is totally possible, but to do so… the first step is to start.




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