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The pay-off of trauma

It is said that HIpocrates said “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick“. This is an essential part of the belief system, or the work necessary to do in Therapy. If we don’t address the pay-off of trauma, we might be hitting a wall sooner or later.

What’s the pay-off?

When exploring trauma, may it be physical, emotional, mental, psychological, there is an essential part we call the Pay-off of trauma, or the primary and secondary benefits.

Now one important thing to mention here, is that most of the time, this is totally unconscious, and not something most people are even aware of. So let’s be gentle with ourselves, with yourselves, when we explore the pay-off of trauma and there is no point being more judgmental towards ourselves with guilt and shame.

The objective is to explore the resources, the solutions, and to do so, with the knowledge of the body, the subconscious mind, and the “higher-self” of each person coming when exposed to a personal challenge in their lives.

Some of the pay-off of trauma could be:

  • When in victimhood, we get more love or attention from family or friends
  • Maybe more time off or appreciation from friends
  • Complaint & resentment, guilt mode
  • People feel sorry for us
  • We can use the issue as an excuse for our present situation
  • It feeds the mask of the persona which creates the trauma or illness
  • Removing our own responsability in our process
  • Prevents us from making changes we might fear
  • Allows us to avoid certain people or situations or take action
  • Intimacy is prevented
  • Sexuality is taken out of the loop
  • Etc.

Disempowering patterns

The pay-off of trauma can be found in many subconscious mechanisms, even the most loving ones we have been using for years. For example, the secondary benefit of an argument with someone could be that it’s an avoidance of what brought the problem up.

Whatever the pay-off of trauma put in place as a subconscious program, or a conscious one, lets remember that it was once useful, and it was put in place by the subconscious, or our transgenerational beliefs, in order to serve a specific purpose.

Most of the time, the purpose was the of survival, of staying alive, or of such a massive compensation mechanism that it allowed for the body and mind not to enter a total decompensation mode.

The essential part of the disempowering patterns set in place as pay-off, are that they were useful, but they are not anymore, and today, you are not your condition, the disease or maybe even the cancer you’re going through, and unlocking the pay-offs can be useful, as they are potentially preventing some access to recovery, healing or wellbeing to take place.

Is it an energetical thing?

The pay-off of trauma can be energetical, as it can be stored in any of the energy bodies we have. It can also be stored as a pattern in our subconscious mind, acting as a database of information. Yet this information will have an impact on the body, so we could say that it’s an energetical release which is taking place.

How is it released ?

The objective is not to go and dig the pay-off as “a target”, so we are not entering cluedo mode to find the culprit. However, when addressing the subconscious mind during a hypnotherapy session, we will be able to communicate with that part having created the situation in the first place, and ask for it to create the adequate change.

Sometimes it’s more complex than this, but as each therapy, session, and case is unique, I’m making it easy to understand in simple words.

The patterns, and some of the pay-off of trauma can also be released during an energy healing, during a shaktipat kundalini activation or during a powerful LNT® La nueva Terapia quantum healing session. As those will work on the energetic bodies, which also store information and retain blocks of emotional impacts in their field.

You are resourceful!

By understanding that your body, your subconscious mind, and your conscious mind have been creating everything you’re going through, some might enter the feeling that it’s unfair, it’s painful, it’s really a problem.

Nevertheless, if we shift the paradigm the other way, and we see that all this, one day, was put in place to teach us something from a space of growth, or has protected us in a beautiful way, we can now see that this was one day a resource.

We can also see that if it’s that powerful, that it could set up such a strong pattern or pay-off of trauma, well, it can also, as we are creator of all this on many other levels than the conscious mind, create a totally new reality.

This allows us to enter a new space, and allow our exploration, our new introspection, and give us some incredible boost, and empowering forces to find solutions… and change our lives for the better.

Now the question, which is the one from the beginning, “Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick“, so my question to you, as you’re reading this, and there is no coincidence, only synchronicities, What is your challenge in your live now, and whatever it is, are you willing to give up or change the things that got you to face this challenge in the first place?




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