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Connecting to your pillar of light & opening your field of consciousness




LNT® Is the diminutive name for “La Nueva Terapia”. LNT is a powerful energy healing practice combining touch, communication with the unique source of energy we are all made of, and connection to, according to LNT, our 3 energy bodies.

  • 1st body is the Physical energy body
  • 2nd body is the Energetic energy body
  • 3rd body is the Spiritual energy body

In LNT as in any energy work, we speak about Energy bodies and not about anatomical or physiological parts of the body as we would in the medical world.

This doesn’t mean that they are not connected, but each organ, or part of our body, is connected to, and surrounded by an energy field, which, when disturbed, will then impact the physical element contained.

the Physical energy body is one of the layers in which we, as humans, store information, cells contain the history of our body, and it is the one we are the most aware of as it is our container. The closest energy body to the physical one is also the ethereal body.

The Energetic energy body is the next layer, it is more distant from the physical body, and we could imagine it as a globe surrounding us. Some also call it the Aura, and as an onion, we access various layers of information, of blockages, of deformation within this field too, which can have an impact on our emotional, mental, psychological, and physical health.

the Spiritual Energy Body is the third body we work with in LNT®. Accessing this body requires working through the pineal gland, and accessing another layer of information. This Spiritual level contains the knowledge from trans-generational events, past lives, and events which have deformed it from a deep path that our soul or highest self has travelled.

Why receive LNT®

Energy healing, like any other form of self-care, comes from a personal decision to give ourselves enough love to care for ourselves, for no other reason than deciding we wish to.

Some may wait until the body cracks up, the pain comes along, the anxiety peaks, the grief is too big to cope with, or the emotions so overwhelming that they can’t be contained anymore. Others my have received information that they have entities or other negative elements stuck to them, preventing them from living a positive, calm and relaxed life.

The truth, should truth be a thing in the matter, is that it’s all about self love. We look after our house, our belongings, our car, our things and our friends and family more than we take care of ourselves, for most people I get in my practice.

So, If we consider we wouldn’t wait until the car explodes, or the house has a crack in the wall, or any other physical break to deal with fixing it, why would we not love ourselves as much as we do our things, and create change and abundance in our lives ?

Therefore, why should we receive LNT® ? Well, one would come for any physical pain, it could be hair loss, chronic illnesses, post-operation, insomnia, post-partum, burn-out, abuse, trauma, or to support medical treatments. It could also be to create a shift by releasing old patterns, opening up to new solutions, bringing the awareness to the body that there is a shift required.

It’s all about reprogramming, but not from an external part, as I for my part, as an LNT® practitioner, channel the source energy to you, through you, and the source of energy, in connection with your Body, and it’s inner knowledge, will take care, at it’s own pace, of the problem you’re facing.

How many sessions must I take?

The amount of sessions is unknown, and If i take the link to science or medical field, a doctor would not be able to say “you’ll be healed in such a time”. For energy work, it’s the same thing, and a therapist stating he can heal you, or cure you, at 100%, and give you a timeframe would, in terms of quantum and consciousness, be well advised to stay away from.

I would recommend starting with a set of 3 sessions over 1 month, and from this point, see how things are moving for each of my clients. Improvements and changes are often seen after the 1st session, however, the body, with it’s inner knowledge, will also ensure that what is taking place is for the highest good, and jumping from A to Z directly is often not how it can create long lasting positive changes for us.

Sessions in presence are usually distant of approximately 15 days, allowing the energy bodies to adapt, do their work, and allow for new steps or layers to be worked on.

When doing distant healing sessions, they can be set at closer dates with closer repetition, as the work, yet as powerful, is done on another level, initiated by the spiritual body and the pineal gland.

What Happens?

During a session of LNT, we shall start with a small discussion on what brings you to receive a quantum healing session. Discuss if there is any physical pain, or if it is emotional or psychological, where it can be felt in the body.

Note that The duration of 1 session of LNT® is 60 minutes. Should all the steps not be completed in one session, they will be continued during the next session, allowing for the full process of the energy bodies to be completed. For Children and elderly people, the duration of a session is of 30 minutes.

You will then be invited to sit, fully clothed, on the edge of my Massage table, and I will proceed with the first steps of the healing process on the Physical body.

Once this process is complete, I shall proceed with channeling energy to the specific Physical parts discussed during our pre-talk.

The following step is a connection to your Energetic Energy body, using my body and yours as channels, connecting both energy fields together. This is done with an Empathic energy transfer, and it flowing through me to you.

The final steps are accessing the spiritual energy body, during which we will be asking for healing of specific things, or for solutions, insights, abundance etc. During this step, I shall also ask for healing of the physical, energetical, spiritual body and to close all energy leaks in your field.

During the whole process, we can expect the body to have internal sensations, movements, or external movements, emotional releases and physical release, allowing it to unblock what’s needed, and create a connection with it’s inner knowledge as it is solution based.

And yes, during the session, as this is really a deep and positive clearing process, sometimes this can bring things back up to the surface you would rather not see, feel, or experience on the moment. Understanding that This is a necessary integrative process of learning to transform through loving presence one’s and other’s shadows back into Light allows you to feel a lot lighter, and experience more fluidity with the acceptance of what you are going through.

let your body guide you through it’s inner knowledge


La Nueva Terapia

  • 60 minutes Quantum healing
  • In presence or distant healing
  • Connection to your physical, energetical and spiritual energy field
la nueva terapia LNT fuerteventura


Français | English | Español

All Sessions can be driven in the above mentioned languages. Energy healing can also be provided for my german audience.




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