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Navigating the storms of live & finding peace

we are


Taking a step towards being aligned with ourself requires opening up to a version of you who would have said yes to this step.

You are not defined by your limiting beliefs, patterns, or fears, you are so much more than that.

My Gift to You

Change is the root of all human beings. My gift to you is guiding you to the bright version of yourself you can’t see yet.

I express myself & my skills as an energy healer & hypnotherapist through you, for you, and for a rise in human consciousness.

Universal Healing

Becoming a conscious human being, male or female is a gift, not only for us, but for all those around us.

Healing is about bring love back home, deep inside us, for every single one of us.

It’s not reserved for the weak, the crazy, the sick, the over-sensitive or the weird of this world.



I am Olivier Borgognon, leaning towards being undefined and accepting the impermanent nature of life.

I guide people to a deep & profound reconnection with their full potential version of themselves using various modalities of holistic, energetic & spiritual embodiment therapies

Based in Champéry (Switzerland), I work from my home base, online and worldwide for workshops, festivals & retreats

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Activate & unlock your pillar of light

Kundalini Healing

By reconnecting to your own pillar of light and releasing energy blockages, you can encounter a deep release in many fields of your life.

Kundalini Energy Activation sessions bring your Auric field into balance, opening, structuring, flowing, by frequency resonance

Allowing yourself to receive a Kundalini Energy Activation is a gift to yourself, to your soul, to your human vehicle.

By entering this state of flow, balance and deep connection with your auric energy field, you will bring yourself, step by step, flowing like water, to a new state of understanding of your life.



A heightened state of consciousness reached through hypnotic transe, during which one accesses a realm of connections to self inaccessible in conscious state.

Hypnosis has proven effective in the treatment, support & recovery from pain, depression, anxiety & phobias, stress, addictions under all forms and shape, self-confidence, traumas, habit disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, cancer, PTSD, skin conditions, post-surgical recovery, relief from nausea & vomiting, childbirth, treatment of haemophilia and many other conditions.

Don’t be fooled by hypnotherapys’ simplicity at first sight, it has changed & saved many lives before yours, and it will continue long after our passing.

aligning to our soul path & releasing karma


Through your soul chart, you will become aware of how you perceive the world, from the expression of your Soul, to your personality, masks you are putting up, how your body, your emotions, and your mind react when you are in alignment, and when you feel out of alignment.

Channeled by the Ascended masters, the consciousness of the Universal rays & Pranic Energy will re-harmonize your chakras, your 12 energy bodies & your meridians.

Reconnecting to your divine soul, the powerful healing Decrees bring balance and harmony to any unresolved karma stored within your energy bodies.

consciousness has no borders

Distant or on-site

Energy is everywhere, and distance is just a construct of the conscious mind.

Whether you are sitting or lying in front of me, or are located somewhere on the other side of the world, your subconscious mind & energy fields are accessible as they lie within you.

We are gifted with modern technology offering us visio-conference tools to connect together during the most powerful hypnotherapy & universal rays healing sessions.

You won’t even need to leave your home if you don’t want to, enjoying healing within the comfort of your own environment.

energy healing

Embrace the journey

Where you start or where you end is not important, by embracing change, you shall always be gifted with more than you were expecting. Trust the process.

your subconscious mind, energy fields, consciousness & the universe, know more about you than you could even imagine.




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