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Lomi lomi full body relaxing & healing massage

Lomi Lomi massage

Lomi-Lomi is a hawaiian energetic & relaxing massage in which the practitioner will be connecting to the spirits of Hawaii.

He will be using his forearms, hands and fingers to provide a deep, transformative, soothing & relaxing experience to the receiver.

What does “lomi lomi” mean? In Hawaiian, ‘lomi lomi’ translates to  ‘rub rub’. and this is exactly what a lomi lomi massage involves. Using long, deep strokes, the massage therapist will use their hands and forearms to relax your muscles and promote blood circulation throughout your body.


  • Before beginning, your massage therapist will discuss any relevant medical history (anamnesis) and any current injuries or issues you may be experiencing. I can ensure that the treatment can be tailored specifically to your needs, and to ensure that it won’t do more harm than good!
  • You’ll be asked to undress, which typically means undressing down to full nudity, or to your underwear.
  • I’ll be leaving the room while you get undressed – and knock before re-entering, so don’t worry about feeling exposed!


  • I will apply oil to their hands and use long, sweeping strokes that are designed to relax the muscles & help promote circulation.
  • The massage itself will typically last for around an 60 to 75 minutes, excluding the time spent changing and preparing.
  • A lomi lomi massage should feel soothing and calming, with no pain or discomfort – if it’s too strong or painful, make sure to tell me, and I can adjust their technique accordingly.


  • Once the massage is finished, you’re sure to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and fully revitalized!
  • I will leave to allow you to get dressed in privacy. It’s likely that you’ll feel tired and slightly disoriented after your massage, so make sure to take it easy for the rest of the day.
  • It’s also important to stay hydrated over the next couple of days – this will help to flush out any toxins released during the massage.
  • Use this time afterwards to speak with me about any issues – i’ll be able to keep these in mind for next time. And make sure to book your next session if you enjoyed yourself!

a common question comes up, what should i wear

What do you wear?

For a lomi lomi massage to be effective, the therapist will be required to apply certain oils to your body; this means that you need to be undressed during the treatment. We recommend full nude, as you can usually place a towel around your buttocks.

the therapist will provide a towel to place on your chest area if you’re wearing a bra or if you’re fully nude.

This massage is a full body massage. We flow from top to bottom, from shoulders to feet, going deep inside the lateral tissues, with a good amount of oil.

The recommendation is for full nudity, don’t worry about being exposed, as this does not happen, you will be covered and intimate/erogenous zones are always covered.

Should you feel uncomfortable with this, I understand, it’s the case for many people, and it’s totally ok, no pressure to go nude, we recommend you wear underwear such as a tanga, or less covering to avoid getting a lot of oil on them.

I personally don’t provide the paper disposable underwear, as i really find them useless, cumbersome and inadapted to any massage, although spas tend to love that stuff (i’ve never figured out why)

Benefits and proven effectiveness of lomi lomi massage

Is it good for you?


So, what are the benefits? Aside from promoting relaxation and emotional wellness, a lomi lomi massage also provides the following benefits:

Lymphatic flow

A lomi lomi massage promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps to cleanse toxins from the body. Improved lymphatic drainage is associated with healthy, glowing skin, reduced swelling, and can even break down the stubborn fat cells that contribute to cellulite and skin dimpling.

Improved circulation

The long strokes help to improve blood flow and promote healing throughout the body. Improved circulation can help to improve your fitness performance, enjoy quicker injury recovery, and can even assist with chronic fatigue.

Muscle tension relief

The deep strokes of a lomi lomi massage help to relieve muscle tension, which is great for those who exercise strenuously or often suffer with muscle tightness in the legs or lower body. Lomi lomi massage techniques help to loosen up the muscles, and can even help to reduce muscle spasms – this is achieved by directing tension away from the muscles using the traditional long strokes.

Stress relief

As with all forms of massage therapy, a lomi lomi massage will help to relax both your mind and body, leaving you feeling calmer and more energized following your treatment. A lomi lomi massage can also help to reduce your blood pressure and slow your heart rate, so it’s ideal for those suffering from chronic stress or anxiety.


English | Español

All sessions can be conducted in the languages mentioned above. Energy treatments can also be offered to my German audience.




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