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Is therapy really therapy ?

To start with, let’s define what Therapy is, and then I can give you my take on my question : Is therapy really therapy ?

Therapy by definition is a treatment to help a person get better from the effects of a disease or injury.

Now, many of my clients, friends, and people I speak with tend to see therapy as a lengthy, hard, intense process, and others see it as a magic wand or the magic pill to make problems go away, like with the wind.

So, let’s debunk how therapy works, with me at least, as I can’t and don’t wish to speak about others here. Not that I don’t like or disagree with them, but each person you’ll be in contact with, will have their way of processing things.

One important factor of therapy, whoever you go with, is that every session will create some change, bring a form of awareness, within your energy field, your physical body, or your consciousness, and bring you one step further to your own exploration.

The purpose of therapy is not to be solved, to be complete, or to reach a specific objective, should this one be different to get closer to balance and harmony.

Sometimes, going to therapy is challenging, and people prefer to avoid it, continue, even in discomfort, because that’s somehow less scary than to take the bull by the horns and decide that we can make changes in our lives.

Sometimes it can be scary because of what people think of us, society doesn’t prepare nor does it openly enjoy vulnerability (albeit promoting mental health… try telling someone you’re feeling like shit and are not well… either they change the conversation, or bring pity or fear in the game)

So, if therapy is not therapy, what is it ?

Well to me, therapy is exploration. Therapy is a way to understand somehow more, yet even less about ourselves. Yes, you read well, it’s about knowing less. And that’s a good thing. It’s good because you’re expanding your scope.

Imagine you start as a dot, then you become a 1cm wide circle, then a 10cm wide circle, then 1 meter wide. Well you’re exploring, you’re not feeling as constricted in your suit the size of a dot. But at the same time, you’ve got all that space, and you’ve got a lot more to explore, to enjoy, to look forward to inside your own self.

You can then look forward to the growth, to expanding, to the fun and the excitement of all this amazing feeling of peace, because through what you’re learning, you are letting go of the old, putting a fresh layer of life in there, and flowing more.

Okay, that sounds great, but where do I start ?

Well, Some people are not quite sure what they should start with. I have some clients only do Hypnotherapy, and others only come for energy healing sessions such as LNT (La nueva Terapia) and others for Shaktipat Kundalini activations. Some do one, then the other, and for some, in my therapy program or coaching sessions, I’ll offer a mix of both (never in the same session).

You can take part in this relaxing hypnosis session i did in mexico if you wish to explore this.

Some people feel resistance towards one or the other, and that’s a good indicator. I’m not saying you should go where you are afraid to go, but sometimes it’s a good thing.

And sometimes, it’s going the opposite direction. Meaning if you’re afraid of it, maybe you can decide to take the other option ?

So, The choice is always initially with the client, and yet sometimes they will tell me a little about what they are coming for, and with those indications, i’ll recommend going one way or the other, to explore the problem and work on the inner resources and solutions.

How many sessions for therapy?

Hypnotherapy the way I see it is a short-term method of therapy. The same goes for energy healing sessions. Both with an aim to bring you back to independence and autonomy as soon as your body and soul decide to.

Now, let’s define short-term, as for some it’s a magic pill of 1 session, and for others it’s 2 years right (psychotherapists and psychologists often push on long term for example, yet let’s not generalise).

If you’ve been having an issue for 20 years, and expect it to be solved in 1 session, well, that might be a bit “too short-term” right ? and if you’ve had an issue for 1 month, well maybe 6 months is a bit “too long-term” right ? So it’s all relative.

However, what I have noticed, is that we can start to see changes, sometimes from the 1st session, and with 3 to 5 sessions with many of my clients.

It’s not from A to B

The important part of therapy, which maybe answers the question is therapy really therapy? is that it’s not a process from A to B. it’s a process which might take you from A to G then from G to U and from U to I, then from I to B…

Nobody knows, I don’t, you don’t, and it’s the beauty of it all, because you’re clearing things, even though your mind wants to go from A to B because society has created that expectation in all things.

So what’s important in the process, is that it’s really a process. And the time you’ll want to stick with it, know that i have the patience to walk the path, and the essence is key to this beauty of self-exploration.

If you wish to know more, learn more, or book a session, you can do so through my contact form and booking platform.




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