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life is outside the comfort zone


(n) The pleasant, earthy smell after the rain
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story time

it’s 4.00 am when the clock rings. Wake up time, to get out and shoot this ethereal epic portrait. I head out after an expresso shot, to meet up with Vincent in the swiss Alps. Yes, this might not look like what it is, but it’s winter, it’s minus 9°c outside, and we’re riding the crests.

After the ride, we were wrapping up the shoot and during the “off-time” of the shoot, during which I rarely drop the camera, I see vincent watching at this stunning scenery in front of our eyes.

A quick camera grab, a few shots, a split second, and the moment is gone, but the scene is captured for the world to see.

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Life outside the comfort zone

That little dot outside our bubble, the utopia destiny of mankind, hoping to reach it, until he finally understands that the destination is not the dot, but the path long ridden, and the amazing experiences he has lived by expanding his life beyond immobility.