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When time stops, healing starts

One day you are born, then you live, and you pass the flame to the next life and therefore are eternal. This might seem crazy but in times of trouble, as the beatles would say “mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be”. And then, does time become eternal, and healing may start.

So why am I covering this on my photography blog, basically it’s quite simple, As a sports, outdoors, lifestyle photographer based in Switzerland, covering mostly brand shoots and events, i find myself with a revenue of Nothing, nothing left, nothing to come, all jobs cancelled, and nowhere to go for the moment. So, what should I do ? Rush, worry, panic, hit anxiety levels to reach an attack ? I think not !

Hypnosis & Energy healing

First and foremost what most of you don’t know, is that I am trained as a fully certified Practitioner in Hypnosis and Energy Healing, for the hypnotist, no not a stage hypnotist to get people to bark in public, but to help people work through their issues, therapeutical hypnosis, and I am also a Energy healer. Yeah, that might sound kind of weird to many of you who don’t know me, and to many of you who know me, you’re now discovering another aspect of me.

So how does this all come together ? Some might think, uhh, he’s a healer or a photographer, and how does that match together, Jack of all trades, master of none hey…

Well here, it’s quite simple. When I start working behind a camera, or when I help people through my healing & hypnosis skills, I enter a state of flow, a state where the other belongs, where You are the most important thing for me, at this specific moment in time, and when nothing else counts than accomplishing the given mission.

And today, more than even, this had come in essential, how ? Well I can’t get out and shoot because someone in my home has Cancer, and I can’t get out, because if I go out, I risk to kill that person with the coronavirus germs, so as well as not having any jobs, I can put lives at risk, and this is unacceptable to me as a human being and a soul.

So I’m providing my help, my assistance, to myself, to my relatives, to people who need the help, who need to feel the relief of anxiety, of stress, to find balance. And the greatest thing above all, is that it can be done online, through videoConferences and various online means.

Relax and breathe

Yes, relax and breathe, everything is going to be ok, and to be honest, I know what you feel as a pro photographer, or an amateur, or a human basically, you could let yourself be concerned, worried about cash, situations, people, but hey… nothing is eternal, and time is just a traveller, so you’re hopping on at a station, hopping off at another, moving left, right, up, down, yeah that’s right… So why worry ? Why get blown away by the situations occuring ? Things change, and life changes, and today more than ever I can bring my skills to the community, to the photographers out there in need of creativity, of stress relief, to all the entrepreneurs who are anxious, through hypnosis and energy healing.

is hypnosis going to help you?

Well it’s simple, hypnosis is a state of trance that we are all in regularly, and even more as creatives and photographers, so we can have even more positive effects through a session than anyone else. We are driven by imagination, by our thoughts, by our visualisations, by our creativity… and that dear colleagues and readers, is the key to you just reaching your highest potential through hypnosis.

It’s quite paradoxal to imagine that your reality is just another dream, like inception, for sure things are real, but a dream is too, a thought is too, and we can drive our thoughts to become our reality through releasing it all out there, and bringing the future to an amazing state… the present moment.

Imagination primes on reality

For our brain, imagination or reality makes no difference, it can’t differentiate it, and that’s where I come in, and where I can assist you in creating a new reality for every single day you’re going through right now, to prepare you for the largest and most beautiful jump you’ll make in your life when the market hits the road again.

Yes, I see you, I’m a pro photographer, and I’m working on myself daily with hypnosis, energy healing, and I’m just loving the time off, and the time with myself, to learn to recreate myself just how I want it to be. And I know your concerns, as I have gone through them and still am. I understand your thought process, some of your issues and troubles, but the most important is that I also know what all the resources are, and what your subconscious mind is capable of, because i’m you and you are me in a certain way.

So, are you ready to take that leap ? How can hypnosis help you find the best way to become who you want to be ? First of all it’s a question of relaxation, but it can be a therapy too, depending on what you want to figure out. There is never a better time than now to sort yourself out and go ahead with life.

Hypnosis for Photographers and Creatives

I have created special programs and sessions for creatives and photographers, artists, independent businesses who need to rebuild their inner trust, confidence, and expand their creativity, and it’s time for you to jump on board. Drop me a line, check out my healing website (in french, but healing / hypnosis can be done in French, English and Spanish in which i’m perfectly fluent).

See you there,and hopefully, this will help you go forward in these times of coronavirus COVID-19, and forsee the most amazing future coming ahead for all of us.

If you want to book a relaxation session, just book directly from here below, and if you want to know more, head out to my contact page or my other site, i’d be delighted to help you carry out your dreams.

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