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The power of beliefs

The power of Beliefs

It takes strength to go against a global flow, and it takes guts to believe in yourself, and in what you feel is right for YOU. The power of beliefs is essential to Well-being, and making things take place for you.

It has now been since April 1st that I have not set foot on my social media accounts, and for the good reason that it didn’t feel right to me. Many articles in my social media segment of my blog talk about my reasoning, but what might be unclear is why I haven’t closed the accounts.

As many people, we have fears, the fear of missing, the fear of letting go, the fear of what people might thing about us, and the fear of failure, and I am human after all, and have been tricking myself alone into believing my own feelings, but am now clear about the power of beliefs.

The big questions

Should I keep my accounts live ? The answer is clearly NO.

Should I keep contact ? The answer is YES.

Have I seen a drop in visits since April 1st ? The answer is NO

Has this served a refocus of my business and personal life ? The answer is YES

The path of experimentation

Experimentation or Bio-Hacking is part of life, and trying, failing, trying, failing again, and failing better is part of what makes us who we are and what we can bring to the community or to the world.

Regarding bio-Hacking, another very interesting ressource I have come upon and well worth taking time to check out (it’s clearly body-hacking and not just social media quitting) is

This guide gives a good approach to what bio-Hacking is :

In my effort to pursue my beliefs, you might find some broken links in my website, those linking to my social media accounts, which I am closing down on 31st of December, phasing out on my decision of not being connected through these mediums.

Numbers have shown that I have had increased views and visits to my website since April 1st, and business has not been weaker since then either, proving me that me not being active has no impact on my business.

In a continuous effort to push boundaries and to focus on the power of beliefs, I will be working on other projects, photography related, and business related, and will demonstrate by force of attraction, that it is possible, and to say the least more effective, to disconnect from social media to refocus on our purpose.

EDIT : Regarding closing my accounts, some of the data for decision making was the Cambridge Analytica situation, and the unauthorised access to data from 6 Million accounts which Facebook authorised without our consent during 13 to 18th of September 2018. Time for a close.


I may well disconnect beforehand, but i’m still here, through phone, email, whatsapp, and most importantly in real life should you wish to work within this realm of positive flow of energy.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, feel free to connect, and feel free to disagree, as this is an essential part of what makes us who we are, believing in our deepest desires.

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