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The deep “why” i quit social media

You might have followed my take on social media since last year, and as a top player in the sport industry and as a large brand, you may wonder why on earth someone would quit social media, especially a photographer or someone in the arts industry.

As a marketing manager, Media Content manager, or creative production manager, you’re take might be different, as you’re not looking for talent on social media, you’re checking out their portfolios, meeting in person, getting to know if the photographer could work and cover your needs. However I know that many decision makers will be checking social media content to see who the photographer might be.

So why, why on earth would someone quit social media nowadays ? Well here it comes, it’s because everything is about YOU !

As a photographer, my job is to ensure I can create, constantly, evenly, and reproducing my style and my images for You, when you need them to create emotion for your clients.

It’s not about me, and that’s where the whole point lies, social media for individuals, small brands, or service associated services is, in my humble opinion, an ego driven medium. Showing what we do, what we are planning, our day to day life, showing our life, and creating a momentum around Us.

Now, considering Focus goes where energy flows, if I focus energy on showing who I am, what I do … How can I, at the same time, be fully living the moment, and the “power of now”, to create a momentum with you, focusing on your work ?

The human brain can’t focus on 2 things at the exact same time, and therefore, I would not be working for you, if i was submitting my work to social media.

As a photographer, i’m taking a new route, a new path to minimalism and creativity through offline business techniques, and I look forward to discussing how this can bring some positive outcome to your campaigns, branding and advertising marketing.

What I can say is that I feel grateful, empowered, and I know that it’s bringing more momentum to my work and to my connections. Deeper, stronger, and It’s allowing me to bring more to the table.

Now if this is something that rings a bell with you, that you’re wondering about it all, and that you’re part of the first segment (top tier brands) or the second segment (brand managers, advertising, marketing, creative team), i’d be happy to have your thoughts on it, and how you feel about it, from your perspective.

Considering a series of corporate visuals

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