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Studio Ninja – The CRM for photographers

Here you are in front of a reminder email, a customer asks you for information that you forgot to send him. Around you, blocks of paper, notebooks, lists, an Excel sheet, a word document, perhaps Google Docs, reminders of your mobile phone and yet … yet you forgot to follow up on this customer. This time is over, with Studio Ninja. This situation may be extreme, but it is common among many photographers, and for good reason, about 15% of our time is dedicated to shooting (and that’s still a lot) and all the rest to the administrative management , touch-ups, responses to emails, marketing, accounting, communication, social networks, requests for information, packaging, shipments, customer appointments, travel, preparation of sessions, and so on.

One of the best ways to lose clients is not to answer them, or not to be able to give them clear and precise information, and I must admit, I was one of the worst students in the class, administrative is not my strongest point. So I decided to no longer let myself be carried away by this type of situation and to discover what were the existing solutions on the net for this type of job, and more specifically, oriented photo to simplify the process.

By typing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on your favorite search engine, you will find a multitude of sites and products, some very effective but so complex type SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. Then come the series focused photographers type TAVE or StudioNinja.

So I tried the adventure on the 2, testing the free versions for a while, because they have the same functionality. One of the advantages is that we can test, set up our processes, workflows, templates, our contact forms, import our data and then test with the remaining time the solution to see if it is adapted to our needs .


Good product, but complex to set up, very complex, I found it interesting but totally lost, and as a former computer scientist who is used to testing products regularly, to learn new languages, I still found it very heavy. The service was not very efficient and I did not find the integrations that interested me in this product.


I parallel tested Studio Ninja, this product created by an Australian photographer is a daunting simplicity, while having absolutely everything that is needed to create automated processes, semi-automated and a powerful contact management.

We start by configuring the interface, the information of the company, the currency (Attention, we must choose a currency and not to crash … we can not go back), then we create our customers (or we import them with a CSV file for example), our templates from examples and documentation, and our form that will be integrated into our website.

Try Studio Ninja for free with the promo code OL140976N It’s clear, easy, and for those who do not speak English, there’s really nothing complicated in the words used, and the interface is so graphic and visual that it will not upset many of you.

The configuration will take a few hours to put everything in place (I would say count 3-4 hours, import of customers included).

Workflows or processes are the most time-consuming part, especially if you do not have a methodical way of doing things, but it will help you be very effective in business because you will force yourself to improve and clarify how you work with your customers.

Test Studio Ninja for Free (and get 5$ per month off if your take the annual plan) with the promo code : OL140976N

You will be able to create processes adapted to each type of session, create model emails that you can modify as you wish or customize before sending also. The only “problem” even if we could call it a problem is that it is not multilingual at this stage, and is paying (about $ 210 a year).

You have 1 month of free trial, and I must say that my experience has been so incredible that I can only recommend it to anyone who really wants to:

  • win time
  • to be more effective
  • answer faster
  • Follow up with your clients and where you are in the process
  • process invoices and shipments efficiently
  • manage payment reminders automatically

I was able to implement solutions of the list of 100 and list of 20 and many other methods learned during the Accelerate 3 training that I am talking about in this post.

If you want to test this product for free, you can do it through this link on Studio Ninja, do not forget to enter the promo code OL140976N for a consequent discount. You will have access to 1 month free trial (by testing for free it will offer 25% off for 15 days). Remember to put the promo code above and you will, in addition to 25%, a reduction of $ 5 monthly for the duration of your subscription ($ 60 per year is not negligible).

Test Studio Ninja for Free (and get 5$ per month off if your take the annual plan) with the promo code : OL140976N

use Ninja studio everyday and I finally have time to better manage my messages, my time, and my organization.

This is reflected in my client prospection, the work I do for my clients and the time I can give my family. You can discover my work and other articles that could interest you on my Lifestyle and Sport sections as well as the Blog.

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