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portrait mode profoto A1 et deep silver xl parapluie profoto.

Fashion – Profoto A1, Deep Silver XL, Fujifilm X-T3 – Get The Shot

The goal of simplification is essential in our job as a photographer. Being able to move as I do to work closer to my clients, traveling, hand luggage, airplanes, trains, boats, or even cycling. It has to be Simple, and effective. I share with you today a new light setup, based on 1 Profoto A1, Deep silver XL Umbrella, and my fujifilm X-T3 and the AirTTL-F remote.

Setup Profoto A1, Deep Silver XL

setup lumière profoto A1 et deep silver xl parapluie profoto.


Gear used

Approach & Result

A minimalist approach requires a minimalist setup. The rest is only powder to the eyes. Please let me introduce Olga, model and classical pianist who gave her time and talent during a test session in Zurich to allow this article to exist.

I wanted to make a series with a twist of fashion for my model of the day, and the place being a room in the basement, seldom lit by daylight (rain and gray sky), and fluorescent lighting type cellar, I thought of the option of Profoto A1 and Profoto Deep Silver XL Umbrella to test its rendering and how I could put all this to my advantage.

portrait mode profoto A1 et deep silver xl parapluie profoto.


Final thoughts

If you want to know more, discover other light sets of the series Get The Shot, I recommend you take a look at my category Get The Shot which gives various simple light setups, easily applicable, and to create interesting visuals quickly.

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