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The search for aesthetics lies in the complex simplification of what we see, or what we want to hide. That’s what I want to share with you in these Get The Shot series. How to simplify your lighting setups, work differently, and allow you to create without asking yourself too many questions. This portrait below was shot with the Profoto A1 and SoftBounce diffuser, with my Fujifilm X-T3 and the AirTTL-F remote.

Lighting setup with Profoto A1 and Softbounce

lighting diagram profoto A1 et diffuseur "softbounce" profoto.

Gear Used

Approach & Result

As part of the approach, it’s pretty simple. I wanted to make an intimate portrait of my model of the day, and the place being a room in the basement, little lit by the light of day (rain and gray sky), and neon type cellar, I thought of the option of Profoto A1 and softbounce to put all this to my advantage.

You do not need complicated material to create, you have to start with an idea, a desire, and for the rest, there is Fujifilm and Profoto (wish on Visa / Mastercard desired). No tripod, my material in a small leather wallet, a series of images created simply.


Portrait noir & blanc, monochrome, éclairé au Profoto A1 et au Softbounce Diffuseur, sans trépied, à l'aide du Fujifilm X-T3 - lighting diagram profoto A1 et diffuseur "softbounce" profoto

Final words

If you want to know more, discover other light sets of the series Get The Shot, I recommend you take a look at my category Get The Shot which gives various simple light setups, easily applicable, and to create interesting visuals quickly.

Feel free to leave me a comment below (on my blog or my site) and not through social networks, on which I do not go since April 2018. My websize self-publishes as I would do for blogs or in a magazine, I could not interact as I wish with you through social networks, but would love to share “in-Visu”, via contact form, skype, phone, or comments here below that I would exchange with you.

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