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Double Exposure


Geneva, Switzerland


Olivier Borgognon

Inside we are free is a double-exposure, multiple exposure project in view of a public viewing in Switzerland. The project was shown during a swiss based, but worldwide audience photographic event in Geneva, Switzerland.

For this double-exposure project, the models were shot on a white background with 2 kicker lights directed towards the model, and 2 lights to blast the background. Thus creating the necessary contrast in order to shoot the textures and embed them directly in camera.

Process was the following :

Sunday : contact models for shoot plan on tuesday
Tuesday: Shoot accordingly, 30mn sessions with 15mn shoot, according to above mentionned light plan.
Thursday: Heading out for double-exposure in camera shoot and working on textures, positioning and placement with liveView.
Thursday evening : Editing with Lightroom for minimal retouching, development, adjustments and preparing to export for viewing.

Project yourself into Double Exposure. Imagine your visuals in sports, lifestyle, advertising with this concept ! Inspiring ? Let's work together. Contact me !

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