From Icarus to Mars



Geneva Cointrin Airport


Olivier Borgognon

When editorial photography joins business Aviation, in a segment of work in which i don't dictate any rules, but bring my eye to capture elements, nothing can be more certain or uncertain than what will come out during a first contact. However, It only took me a few seconds to see a pattern, something which drew my eye, a story, the one of those who flew 100 years ago, and those who now challenge our minds with adventure and access to the world. Aircrafts are amazing in every sense, may it be engineering, electronics, computer technology, design, graphical lines, shapes, air buoyancy, aerodynamics, interior design, ergonomics, Human-computer Interactions, and above all this, the human beings working and being passionate about the incremental and never ending loop of expanding possibilities. This is how this series is born, blending business aviation, travel, life, and details, to complete a flight into the unknown, leading us to what our brain might be engineering whilst you read.

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