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Perfect Profoto C1, A1x & Connect remote

At the time of writing these lines, I have been playing around with the Fujifilm X-T4, and the whole set of the Profoto A1x Off-Camera kit, plus a Profoto C1 flash. With this 2 light setup and a simple remote such as the profoto Connect, I can say that this is a crazy setup for simple or more complex shoots not requiring a major amount of light.

Note that i’m an Android User, so I am not yet able to benefit from the great “profoto Camera” app, that has come out for IOS, but i’m confident that Profoto is working on it, however in these times of pandemic coronavirus, projects sometimes, for any brand, even condoms as we saw, are going slow, so imagine software development.

Profoto Connect

The profoto Connect remote is small, unobstrusive, and very simple to use. You have 2 modes. Manual, or TTL (Auto) and the Off obviously. It can be recharged by USB-C cable provided, and just gives a colour coding for charge level.

Connecting to the Fujifilm X-T4 is simple, it’s just like another flash. Plug it on to your hotshoe, turn the remote round, and you’re all sorted. Nothing more to it.

However, you’ll need to download the android or ios application “Profoto App” to get the updates, and to allow it to sync with your Profoto C1. It takes downloading it, connecting the app (by just switching the Connect “on” and the app “on”).

The same goes for the Profoto C1, you can download firmware updates if any have been released, directly from the app, in a few minutes you’re all sorted and it’s really great and easy.

Profoto C1 Plus

The Profoto C1 Plus is such a simple and small flash that it goes in my every day bag, or even in my pocket. The ability to shoot with continuous light and with flash from this system is just mindboggling. And I can use all the modifiers from the A1x such as the colour gels, the dome, the grids, so it’s really versatile.

How does it work ? Well it’s simple. press on the “on” button, and it’s working, it’s connected to your app, and you can adjust the settings from there. Nothing more to it, no major settings, so it’s really a funky, simple and powerful device to bring with you anywhere.

Profoto A1x

The profoto A1x has already been covered when I was shooting with the Canon version of the flash, but now it’s been updated. It’s a bit more sturdy, slightly more compact, and the extended life of the battery allows me to go for a whole day shooting my projects when I need it. I always have a second battery for when I work on large projects, but it allows me again, what David Hobby would call Strobist, and i’m shooting from a small backpack. May it be mountain biking, the whole project is possible, and very compact. I’m stoked with the setup, which allows me to get super creative, and to do stuff with a small kit.

Continuous light for Conferences

In times of confinement, it’s great to have tools for Zoom Conferences, or Meet, or whatsapp or any other video conference. The ability to adjust the colour temperature, or use gels, allows to go creative and professional with light. I can set both lights with the Dome reflector, or even put them in a softbox, and i’m sorted.

Yes that might seem a bit overkill to put profoto lights in softboxes for a video conference, however, if it’s used for vlogging, video production, youtube videos, why would we not go to that amazing extent to use our tools for what they are designed ? Continuous light is great for interviews, and for Still & Motion, and it’s now time to put everything together.

I use my C1 on my left with a white paper on the side of my screen as I would with the setup below, and the A1 with the dome on the right, and i’m off good to go for a two light setup with proper lighting for Zoom Conferences.

Simple Product eBoutique Shoot

My field of work is not in product photography, however, I wanted to try and create a simple, effective and 2 light in a box white background product shoot for whatever first came at hand, and as I was in the kitchen, an Energy Bar came in handy, and here I am trying to shoot it in it’s packaging in my box.

First of all the setup which consists of a small sized cardboard box (28cm wide), 24cm high, and approx 30cm deep. So it’s a small box, for small products.

I cut out 2 sides to the box, and layered them with white A4 paper, then added 2 sheets of A4 paper stuck together to create a pseudo seamless background for the shoot.

Time for completion, of the box, was about 5 minutes, and here’s the box with everything ready to shoot. If I wanted it to be improved, I would have cut another hole on the top, and layered them with translucent marking paper and not white paper which diffuses a bit too much, but hey, work with what you have and just enjoy the process.

Behind the Scenes shot. Profoto C1 on the left on my gorilla Pod, Profoto A1x on it’s stand on the right. Cardboard box with sheets of paper, and the Crunchy Bar.

Then, I placed my Profoto A1x on it’s stand, and the Profoto C1 on a gorillaPod that I had lying around, I connected my Profoto Connect for Fujifilm on the Fujifilm X-T4 and started firing away.

By no means would this be a final product shoot, but It shows that we can do a lot in terms of eBoutique and eCommerce products with a very simple setup, and 2 lights in a bag.

Final result on the crunchy bar.

No processing apart from just adjusting the exposure, highlights and shadows. meaning that it’s what I would call a Straight Out Of Camera shot, with minimal development in Capture One Pro 20.


It’s a simple kit, it’s light, it’s streamlined, and it perfectly goes into my minimalist gear kit, so I can take it anywhere, in my pocket, and as a content creator, it’s just about having fun and testing things out, not carting gear for the sake of the show.

So to be totally honest, I LOVE the Profoto C1, the Profoto A1x, and the B10 for everything they allow me to create, and for the ease of use.

It might not be for everyone, but it’s worth letting go of limiting beliefs that you may have, and just jump the step to try them out. You’ll be surprised how amazing they are and the fun you can have with the Fujifilm X-T4 and the Profoto C1, Profoto A1x, and profoto B10 as a packed up gear kit.

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