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No Social Media Life

What is the purpose of life ? Is there or should there be a purpose to it other than just to live it the way we feel is best for us ? And Social Media ? Should we be on them ? choose them ? how about No Social Media Life ?

Life is the most amazing adventure of all, the most thrilling, and it is based on little changes, here and there. For my part, I have changed quite a few things in the past year, one being to have quit social media. My personal view on it, for myself, is that it was taking too much energy away from me, and it was drawing negative to my mind which I didn’t want to have anymore.

Life being that wonderful adventure, i decided to go on a new path, the one of a no social media life. What an amazing path I am on, to say the least, and what an adventure which is in my humble opinion just a start to my journey.

First of all, let me reassure you, I still have a social life, and I still see friends, go out, do things, meet people, and interact. Moreover, my business is still going pretty well, and i’m interacting in a different way than ever.

What has changed with no social media life ?

The first thing that has changed is that I decide what i’m looking at. I decide whom I wish to contact, when and how. Some might argue that we can do that with social media, however I could not. I was looking at content, finding it boring, scrolling, not finding it inspiring, or it was demotivating me, which was not what I aimed for when i initially registered on them.

The second thing is that I followed up with reading, setting up routines, meditating, being grateful for small things, looking at how I could improve things in my life and in the one of others through other ways than social media.

The third thing was my approach to time and connections. The less you have your phone, the less you want it. It takes time, everything takes time, that’s an understatement because we all want things fast, and even faster with instant gratification of social media. I am reeducating myself to the art of learning, improving my skills, appreciating time without a mobile phone or social media apps.

The rough journey

To be totally honest, the hardest thing is to be facing a family of mobile phones or my loved one, relatives, family, on their phone “just to show me an instagram story” or a “Facebook post” during the meal. Am I becoming anti-social media ? Maybe, however i’m learning to let go of these feelings too and see that they enjoy doing it, so be it.


As a photographer who also gives workshops and follows workshops (creativity being a real path of life and not a life of constant successes), I am constantly learning new skills, challenging myself, trying new things. Most workshops nowadays consider facebook like the place to give information, now I am not on facebook, it is difficult to even get access to the location of the workshop I am going to attend… this is a serious issue, and I believe it doesn’t come from my perspective, but from the overall rethinking of how we communicate for business.


It has now been 11 months, since april 2018 that I have left social media, not answered, not posted directly to comments, not connected to my accounts, and I feel free. I have never felt more free and light in business than since the last 11 months.

Has it impacted my business ? In a positive way maybe yes, as I am more focused, I want to challenge myself to do new things, and be more creative in my way of dealing with my work and clients. I don’t spend time thinking about what people will think about my work, what i’m writing, what i’m photographing, I do it for myself, and if you connect to what I do, then we’re on the same wavelength and it means we might work together.

See or be Seen

In a world of no social media life, the question is not about what to do to be seen or to be found as it is when we are on social media. When you’re on social media, you’re constantly asking yourself… how should I post, what should I post, what should I write, how should I write it… when should I post it ? which hashtags ? who should I follow ? who should I comment upon ? what story ? Are they going to like my publication ? my post ? my story ? it’s all about others… what they will think, and feeding the ego behind it all don’t you think ?

Now the big question in all this “see or be seen” is … what about you ? why did you start doing what you love in the first place ? Where are you positioning yourself in this rat race and how are you feeling about it all ? Are you still creating art or whatever you do for yourself or are you doing it for the sake of likes and feedback ?

When you go for a no social media life, you basically take control of your life again in some way, because you’re back to the basics. the famous “me, myself and I”. You create for yourself, you’ll like it or hate it, but you’ll just do it, pursuing your path, and you are going to create so much more than you’ve ever created because you’re just going to decide that it’s not about others, but about you, and your adventurous life.

It takes guts !

Yes, i won’t lie to you, it does take guts, and it takes commitment to decide to do this. but here are a few tips to help you go through this should you want to get out of this rat race to social media.

#1 – Tell all your friends you’re getting off

#2 – Go through your contacts and get their phones and emails

#3 – Get the apps of your phone / Tablet

#4 – Put a blocker on these sites on your computer

#4 – List the things you want to learn or discover in the next 1-3 years

People won’t understand, they will tell you you’re crazy, you’re mad, it’s social suicide, that you can’t do that, that you’re going to blow yourself apart, but to be honest… it’s been 11 months, and i’ve not blown anything apart, except feeling much more alive, and growing in my self-development since then. So trust me when I tell you it’s going to be hard, yes it will, but trust me when I tell you it’s a fantastic journey… because yes it is !

One last thing for today, and hopefully it will make your day… don’t just follow it because I say so, do what you love and Fuck the rest !

One of my dear friends, Jean-Pierre Thorburn used to say when we were raising our glasses… Here’s to you, Here’s to me, and if ever we disagree… Fuck you and here’s to Me !

It always made me laugh, but now, looking back, it does bring back to the essence of life… do what YOU WANT for YOUR LIFE ! some may agree, disagree, like you, dislike you, and who cares ? you live with your cells every day, so if you feel like doing crazy amazing things, do them, and if you feel like you love social media and want to be on them every day… then do that too… but whatever you do, do it for yourself… not for the sake of others ! And now… you might want to thank yourself for your thoughts and feelings, because you’re just amazing !

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