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Minimalism in 2019 – business productivity

Looking back at 2018, it has been amazing, adventurous, bound to people and travel, and fascinating experiences, and it also lead me to minimalism. Here are a few things i’m looking forward to sharing with you as I believe they might help you focus on your craft, your expertise and not on things.

When I started my minimalism journey, I had no clue I was going into that. I felt like all the social media was too much for me, I needed space to declutter my mind, free my head, and get back to what really was important for me, family, my business in commercial sport & outdoors active lifestyle photography, inspiring people and helping others grow.

Here are a few steps I took and why

  1. Social media Disconnect
  2. News Disconnect
  3. Ketogenic Diet
  4. Reading self-development books
  5. Activating my body
  6. Meeting new people
  7. Decluttering my personal space
  8. Planning 2019

Social Media Disconnect

My social media disconnect is now complete, with 9 months “on the edge”, not connecting, not reading comments, and now with my accounts deactivated, I feel the freedom of the disconnection. I was in negative vibrations with my social media accounts, I had to post what I felt, be negative, and it drew me away from my work, and from my goals. Closing these accounts felt so liberating to me, in a positive manner, as I could now focus on listening to people without the “bell” of the phone, scrolling accounts, liking and waiting for my dopamine rush. I do honestly miss looking at some fascinating artists, that’s the downside, but I have found other sources of inspiration, like oneEyeland, behance, or very specific blogs related to my craft or aims which allow me to discover even more artists, without being in search for online recognition.

News Disconnect – negative information minimalism

There is no good or bad news, there is just News said the wise man in Kung-Fu Panda (it could have been confucius or yoda for the sake of it), and in my deliberate need to free myself from negative energy, and focus on the best, I took the decision to stop reading the news. I see the headlines, I hear from my family & friends, but I focus on the greatness of mankind and on how we can improve and get better each day.

Not reading the news has made me more aware of the fantastic people around me, and around the world. It has shown me the crazy projects people are developing to make the world cleaner, better, more positive, and by not being caught up or scared, I feel alive and am not afraid to go anywhere in the world. Now this might sound uneducated to some, but media comes from 3 main sources, and delivers the same message all around, and this is not what I wish to read. I see 8 Billion people in the world, each one of them with a voice, with something good to give, and I wish to hear that, see that, and inspire some to go deeper into what they can do.

Ketogenic Diet, minimalism in body weight

In July, during the holidays, I started a Ketogenic lifestyle, which i’m still not totally good at as I seem to be eating the same food or same looking food all the time, but, it’s clearly improving, with a weight drop of 14 kg and ongoing work in progress. Why on earth loose weight ? well my 100kg to start with were not exactly matching who I was, the very active, sporty, outdoors loving person I was a few years ago, and I had to get back to who I truly was.

With 88 kg and working towards the 70-75kg goal in 2019, shedding all this weight off is helping me be stronger, faster, more concentrated on my work and ensuring I can deliver the best quality work for my clients.

The Ketogenic diet is something out of this world in my humble opinion (it worked for me at least), taking the carbs out of the equation, adding fat, and feeling more energised than ever, not feeling the after-meal insulin peak, it has been powerful to say the least and has ensured a few laughs with family and with clients on week long missions.

Reading self-development books

Reading, reading, reading ! Top entrepreneurs read some 50 books a year, and I have reached 30 this year, learning, improving my craft, discovering new skills, new life lessons, and I will be posting a top list of my readings in the near future for those who are interested in growing in this way.

50 books a year means about 1 book a week, that sounds a lot for sure, but if we consider each book is around 300 pages, that’s 40 pages per day, so it’s about 45 minutes to 1 hour. split in 3, or when we have time, during commuting or simply because it’s important, everything is possible.

I have learned so much from photography skills, marketing techniques, how to improve my mental strength, increasing my positive mind, caring less about peoples opinions or understanding where they came from, and much much more .

Activating my body

Back into motion. Flowing new cells and oxygenating my body has been one of my focus this year, and with swimming, learning to surf, learning to rock climb, and indoor boulder climbing, I really feel like my body is getting back in a great state. I feel more positive, more energised, I want to give more and I’m learning new skills, meeting new people, and it’s really making me happier than I have felt in a long time.

Meeting new people

I have met amazing people along the way, from the whole fujifilm team in Switzerland, the Haute Route team, the profoto members and friends from around the world, the surfing crew in fuerteventura, the alpine club climbers, the photographers from “the roots”, and you, my clients, who basically inspire me and make my life so inspiring. Creating connections, working for some, living with others, sharing moments, and simply being… Not rushing to meet more, but simply to be here, now, with you when things take place.

Decluttering my personal space

Minimalism comes in the mind and in the outside world, and I have been working on both fronts in 2018, and it will be ongoing in 2019. Decluttering my closets, getting rid of clothes, of things i don’t need anymore and making space in my head and in my house for what is important to me now had been a solid adventure this year. Do I need 12 pens, pencils, erasers, papers all around and so much more stuff ? 20 t-shirts, 6 pairs of pants ? Clearly not.

A great documentary from “the minimalists”, the book from Mari Kondo, and Leo Babauta has helped me achieve more in this sense and improve my lifestyle.

I am working towards my goal of pure minimalism (because it works for me), and finding my capsule wardrobe. What brings me joy is spending time with my family, working, inspiring, reading, traveling, being outdoors. So the things I own target that, and only that. My desk is less cluttered, i’m free from concern, I work faster, I can deliver without forgetting stuff, and I can bring more to the table for myself and my clients.

Minimalism doesn’t mean cheap, so for those who think it’s easy or cheap, see it more as an increased experience about life, about people, not worrying about things taking dust, or about what to wear. In my 2019 planning, I’ll give a few of the steps i’m taking to make it just as simple as I feel I need it to be, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Planning 2019

Now, what’s next for 2019 ? Well for sure it’s January 1st, some might see it as new year resolutions, but for me it’s just a continuation of 2018, another day, and new experiences coming along. and in my quest for minimalism here is what’s coming and how i’m working on it.

  • Travel extensive year for business & family
  • De-cluttering house & mind
  • Personal, family & client focused

I am planning to travel for business more, and to do so, I will need to pack light. Packing light means less clothes, and better decisions, that’s why i’m headed to Merino clothing. Unbound merino with a double kit, meaning 4 t-shirts, 4 underwear, 4 socks. Merino wool allowing to be anti-bacterial, you can basically live on 2 t-shirts for months on end. I’m just allowing myself more space with 4 of each, and that will be my closet, with 2 shirts, 2 sweaters, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 bathing trunk and that’s a close. The rest is technical sports gear or photographic gear.

The year is starting with travel, in Spain, then in Asia, following that will be Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, USA, and working my way to much more.

I have not finished my decluttering, and Scanning old documents, folders, files takes time, but having everything in a digital form can clear out 2 shelves of binders, meaning i’m getting closer to my goals. By doing that, I know I will have more time, more energy, more fun doing what I love, get out climbing, go surfing, go cycling, laugh with the kids, and know that the visualisation patterns in my head are working well.

On a business aspect, I am setting up tools to help be more efficient. online systems, galeries, speeding things up with JpegMini Pro, using google tools to be active worldwide, providing better and faster service to you, my clients, and making everything an amazing experience.

Meditation, and podcasts will rule my day with a clear routine. Creating routines are what top managers, entrepreneurs and inspirational people have in common, and I have started to create my own routine, but 2019 will put it into place, and ensure it’s working for me day in, day out. Allowing time for what is important to me, and making things happen on a personal, family and business level.

I don’t know about you, but this minimalism journey is never-ending, it’s so inspiring, it’s fascinating, and it’s driving me to build my motivation and my inspiration, so I wish you the same, this amazing life you’re building for yourself.

If i could give you one word of advice, dont’ take what I have written for yourself if you don’t like it. Take what you like of it, remove what you don’t, find your way, play, make it fun, enjoy every step, as this process is just incredible and you’ll be just where you need to be, when you need to be there.

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