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Live life ! Two words resonating deeply within me when recalling this year of 2019. Remembering the importance of living, at every level of our soul, and working towards our aims, understanding that we are light & darkness.

  • How many times do we do things because we feel the need to be loved, appreciated, to feel that we exist, that we are part of something ?
  • How many times does our Ego and mind take over with our need to compete with others ?
  • How many times do we forget ourselves to focus on needless materialistic things or work like crazy just to feel that “we are legit” ?
  • Have you ever looked at a calendar thinking… soon i’ll be able to enjoy life, with all this hard work ?
live life. Surf life is about the present moment. The weather being the exact present moment, the wave acting the same way.

Live life !

Live Life ! Again, this mantra which you will read a few times in this post. Nothing should come between you and your life, absolutely nothing.

Humans have a tendency to repeat experiences, good or bad, based on their surroundings and global energy levels. We are what we eat, and our experiences are things we eat (eat as in : things we take in).

So my question to you today is, why do things we dislike, in order to try to like them, or to please others, and in the end not liking them, and go along until we can find time to do a little thing we like doing ?

The worst thing about all this is that we end up sick, or we have an accident, or life reminds us of its importance by putting major obstacles on our path.

Live Life ! this year of 2019 was one of these years, sending me reminders about the essential value of life, what it was to be alive, and how lucky I was to even be breathing.

Something I feel I had forgotten over the years. Complaining about little things, and not seeing love and life around me, and how lucky I was to have everything I had.

The Rough Tide

2019 brought major health issues to my close relatives and loved ones, separation, physical pain and issues to me, car accidents, and grief.

Yet all this, whilst being a very complex year was maybe my most rewarding year ever, in terms of personal development and in learning to appreciate life.

All these issues were not issues, they were experiences, and everything is here for a reason, always for the highest good. So what did I learn ?

  • To look after myself, to start loving myself, in a positively narcissic way (not vanity, narcissism being able to tell ourselves we can accept who we are, as we are).
  • To keep in touch with loved ones
  • To find time for myself, and to learn about what I needed despite what others felt was good for me
  • Major reset in terms of personal development, working on our wounds, and what beliefs come from our parents, grandparents, friends, family, relatives, and surroundings.
  • Learned to appreciate everything taking place,
  • Learning lessons from the tough things, looking deeply on why things take place, and what I can learn from the experience
  • Me first or call it whatever… the #meFirst hashtag is precious for each and everyone of us. take care of yourself to be able to take care of others
  • Learn to love, cry, go deep inside and discover or unravel what you don’t want to see, it’s the most powerful experience to create life changes

Light after Dark

Live Life ! Aside from all the rough experiences which took place in 2019, this year was just amazing. On a personal level, moving to another location in La Chaux-de-Fonds, before considering another move in 2020, destination unknown, life taking me where it decides to take me. Developing my deep love for my partner, revisiting my relationship with my daughter, and seeing good in amazingly simple situations.

Travelling to the Dolomites to cover a cycling event for Haute Route, shooting marathons, triathlons, nordic skiing, mountain biking, outdoors, working for a winery estate, shooting for high End brands such as Louis Vuitton, Celgène and UNICEF. Experiencing an outstanding workshop with Chris Burkard in the UK, meeting up with Quentin Decaillet, Pratik Naik, Tina Eisen and other conference speakers in the UK and Switzerland, sharing knowledge with my peers. and much more, and being grateful for every single shoot or contact I have had in 2019.

What a precious treat to head out to Munich, to Bordeaux, each travel was an eye opener, discussing with brands, and preparing 2020, reminding me of what I loved doing, and what was important to me.

The power of gratitude

The teams of Graphicart, Profoto & Fujifilm, Profot allowed me to share knowledge during workshops, and during the Focus Day and Salon de la photo in Geneva. During which I opened the discussion on living life, and some technical shoots, by reminding ourselves that we should be ourselves, every single day, all the time. basically… LIVE LIFE !

I am grateful for their trust, assistance, and simply for the fact that they are just precious people, with a profound heart. Thank you Urs, Jorg, Walter, Francine, patrick, vendela, coralie, lola, elodie, ross, benjamin, nathalie, sonya, anders, johan, marc, thomas, chris, franck, rocio, dan, gerard, ursina, zdenek, michaela, and all those I have not listed, life would not have been so amazing and precious without you all being here and supportive.

To the healers, and light workers out there who make the world a better place, thank you. Thank you Susana, Sylviane, Lucienne, Anouk, Mme Chouiter, Johannes, Diane and Alain, Bernadette, and all those I have met along the way, the lessons are precious and moving.

I won’t list my friends and family here, but my gratitude goes to them, for the laughs, support, phone calls, lunches, discussions, time they took to be with me, and even the little words here and there which made the whole difference in my day or made me grow into a better person than I was yesterday.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Wow, what a ride ! Rollercoasters and gratitude, because what I have learned in 2019 has changed me forever. I don’t see anyone the same way, I don’t see things the same way, I don’t do things the same way, and I know it’s just a step towards something totally new.

Watching forest Gump again taught me a lot, and many movies have messages for us. This little Sentence, life is like a box of chocolates, you never know on what you might fall ! Remember how he decided to run, and he ran, ran, ran, until suddenly he decided to stop ? That’s exactly it… he didn’t do it for anyone else than himself, nothing, it was all the present moment, and for his own sake.

So, you might be thinking that it’s very “me based” but I hope you can see beyond that, and be reminded to work on a wish list of envy’s. What do you want for your life ? Not what your friends, family, relatives, peers want, but what YOU want ? Not to please them, but to please you.

Once you have done this list, it’s kind of simple… ACT ON IT ! Live Life !

What I want for 2020 ?

  • Travel to Thailand for my best friends wedding
  • Travel with my partner & kids
  • Travel with my daughter & share experiences with her
  • Spend time with friends and reconnect with lost ones
  • Learn to Say Sorry, Say yes, and Say no more often
  • Listen to my inner voice every day
  • Laugh, laugh & laugh more
  • See the world and enjoy simplicity in beauty
  • Head out skiing with friends & night skiing
  • Sing along by a bonfire
  • Own a small house, chalet, surf hut style by the sea, with a chimney
  • Play Ice-hockey and laugh doing it
  • Build my conferences on the paradigm shift I feel is necessary
  • Travel worldwide to spread the word
  • Give a TedX Conference
  • Write the book i’d like to read
  • Keep enjoying life, from little to big projects
  • Launch 2 of my online training projects
  • Launch 2 eBusiness projects
  • Meet amazing healers & learn more about quantum realm
  • Continue shooting outdoors Commercial projects
  • Shoot new Sport related commercial lifestyle projects
  • Shoot rock climbing brand related projects
  • Work closely with Profoto / Fujifilm & new ambassador brands
  • Field test new products and review them
  • Inspire people to live life
  • Go surfing & Diving
  • Trek in nepal, mongolia, iceland, south america
  • Go on a Road Trip from A to Z
  • Learn more about myself, and heal my wounds
  • take part in a 10 day Vipassana retreat
  • Take part in a tantric meditation retreat
  • enjoy a Croute au Fromage and a glass of wine at sunset
nordic skier athlete - nordic skiing in switzerland. How pro Downhill & enduro Racing riders train in the winter

So, what’s next ?

For me it’s a life change, a total paradigm shift. and i’m grateful for every single thing that happened, and for sure it’s tough, it’s fun, it’s amazing. and it’s duality. both sides of the coin. No light without darkness, it’s what makes life precious and wonderful. Let’s never forget that, never loose sight of little things, and be grateful for all the teachings which are to be learnt from every experience. Say thank you, say I love you but mean it, laugh, cry, and be yourself for the sake of who you truly are.

are you ready to live life ?

Maybe it’s your turn, your turn to have a deep introspection, be grateful for what you have, list it, thank people for it, and work your way through 2020 with new insights of what’s important for you, who cares what other think, it’s your life, not others. What drives you ? what makes you wow ? what are your deepest desires, and how can you move a little closer to your soul by exploring the unexplored path of your inner self.


fujifilm GFX 100 sport photography, cycling, commercial sport photography, cycling photography. Cycling for children, Unicef, fundraising. Olivier Borgognon, commercial outdoors, action & sports photographer dedicated to creating key visuals and brand campaigns to make a dent in this world.

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