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JpegMini Pro – Optimize your workflow

If you’re like me, you are constantly searching for time for yourself. May it be to learn a new skillset, go ahead with projects, be with your family. The business of photography is time consuming to say the least. it shrinks time like no other, and is constantly more demanding. If I told you that you could save time and money by using a specific software would you believe me ? I am going to introduce you to JpegMini Pro and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

What’s JpegMini Pro ?

JpegMini Pro is a compression software for JPG files. This means that it will optimise your filesize to make them much smaller. The software exists in various different versions and plug-ins (or extensions) for lightroom and photoshop for the moment. However, who knows, we can only hope that they have considered Capture One Pro. After the photokina news from Capture One with Capture One Fujifilm, we can just see hope in our dreams.

Furthermore, it has been announced that they are working on a wordpress plugin. Considering over 50% of the web is running under wordpress, this will bring a major push to the software. At this stage you can just totally change your workflow with JpegMini Pro and radically improve your SEO and website optimisation which you can test through GTMetrix.

What can i use JpegMini Pro for ?

Last week I was working on delivering various series of work. Some events with a 20km Geneva Airport competition, working on my mes RAW du Fujifilm X-T3 de la haute Route. from the Haute Route. I passed the whole set through JpegMini Pro , including family sessions, a whole wedding on top of the previous work. Ok… Fine… Nothing more natural than that Olivier, you’re a photographer, you provide images, you’re not teaching me anything.

It all seems very obvious and classic, however what has changed, is that I now export my JPG in full resolution to Capture One Pro,and then I let JpegMini Pro do the rest.

Ok, so basically, you add another step with JpegMini Pro instead of letting  Capture One Pro Recipes do it? A software more, a new stp, and you’re calling that time gaining ?

On the principle you’re right yes, we add software, we add steps. But the trick is that the software is compressing my images so well that i’m gaining time on all the other steps of what I do.

JpegMini is simple, more simple you die. Drag & Drop a folder and it takes care of the rest. We can either keep the originals and create other versions, or squash the original folder.

And in the end, was it worth it ?

So here we are, 1 wedding which was initially sized 10.8Gb, so hitting 2 USB 8Gb keys which I had in stock with high resolution and low resolution. I shot that through JpegMini Pro and I came out with 5.5Gb, everything on 1 USB 8Gb Key after all.

Furthermore, the other bonus is that I could send that directly to my online gallery. Considering the fact that galleries are either size based or image based, but mainly storage based, the price would increase and would force me to add more storage (more on my gallery in a near future for my newsletter registrees). I uploaded low resolution 2048px wide images to the gallery, allowing A4 prints for all the guests, and it took up 550Mb instead of 1.5Gb.

So on top of the space i gained, it took me only 1/4 of the time to upload them, and the same to put them on the key. If we consider 1/4 of the time on each project, over a year, that’s days spent doing something else with my family.


In the optimising process, everything is worth trying ! Every second saved on each image will give you more time to do what you thought about doing with more time with JpegMini Pro.

For those of you who are interested, register to my newsletter below. For all readers, a special discount of 20% on JPGMini Pro is available with the code OLIVIER25 (all in capitals). I hope this can be useful to you and make your life easier.

Should you be wondering, I don’t get any incentive from Beamr (those who do JpegMini Pro), and have no financial interest in the matter. What I have learned, I share, I want to grow as a photographer, and by sharing, I grow more, and I see others grow, which builds a larger community. I want you all to save time, get more time with your family or to do things you care about. This is why i want you to get access to my Tips & Tricks.

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment on this article directly on my website. I don’t go on my social networks even if my website publishes out there. If you leave a comment out there, I won’t see it and won’t be able to answer. So remember… leave a comment, drop me a line by contact form, register to my newsletter… and let’s keep in touch.

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