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How Acuity Scheduling, booking system changed my business life

Guys, you don’t know Acuity Scheduling? Well it’s sincerely the best thing I have put in place in 2020 since putting in place StudioNinja for my client forms and JPGMini to reduce my file sizes. It’s the best booking system EVERRRRR !

So what is Acuity Scheduling? Well it is a booking system, and it’s friggin brilliant. I have been testing multiple wordpress plugins, paying for various ones, putting some in my WooCommerce and other stuff for years, and to be honest, they were all hyper super complex to install, configure, and get online. I kind of never managed to get my booking system really like I wanted it, and how I wanted it to look.

But NOW ! Well i’ve been just stuck into this AHA moment, that time when I find myself wondering why I didn’t invest in myself and in my business before. So if you want it free, there is a free version of Acuity Scheduling available but the issue is that you can’t embed, so it’s fine if you link it to something else and get people to connect to it directly… like in emails or other ways.

I decided to go the Paid Route, and it’s 15$ a month, with 1 month free if you take the annual plan, for 1 business, website etc. So it’s pretty ridiculous at 50 centimes per day basically to get clients to register, book and get into your business busy schedule.

You can block dates, weeks, time slots, and you define the duration for your packages, so people can book for whatever you have defined, within the selected time slots available. The system does it all.

Confirmation emails ? Yes, it’s included in the paid plan, specific pre-fill forms prior to booking? yes, go ahead that’s also included, and it comes in various languages and currencies so if you’re in Euro Zone, it works, if you’re in the UK also, in the US or in Switzerland it’s all fine too.

Now language wise, well quite a few are included, and if not, you can create your own translations to match the exact needs you have for your form.

What I can say is that i’m not going back to my other “cheap scrape” ways of working, because whatever the business type you may have, be it photography or any other side business you might have, a photo booth, or whatever that’s the last booking system you’ll ever need…

you might want to check it out here and see for yourself !

So you might say i’m biased, but hey… sincerely ? I don’t care about bias, or whatever someone might think. What I write about is what I like and truly believe in, else I change, edit my work, create a new blog post and state what I like and Dislike about it. I have no issue with that, and with updating my thoughts… but honestly, WHY DIDN’T I DO IT BEFORE! I really sincerely don’t know… it’s been a stupid move not to do so way earlier.

If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s great because you can plan your various sessions, and if you’re a headshot photographer, you can get your 2-3 types of packages in there with the timing etc.

Payment via PAYPAL, STRIPE, SQUARE, and even vaulting credit Cards if you’re in the booking industry… damn… Well to be honest, i’m super stoked with all this, and i can’t say that you should, but honestly… you should!

Time is money right ? time spent doodling schedules, email back & forths, answering emails to find a time which works… let your clients go there and do it, they appreciate the responsibility, because they can book at the time they want, and find their way perfectly.

Well, i’ll let you have a thought about it, but honestly, if you want to save time, money, energy, and have fun shooting and getting out doing what you love doing… simplify your scheduling and booking workflow with Acuity Scheduling, I can’t praise these guys enough for what they have created… it’s simply FANTASTIC !

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