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Portrait noir & blanc, monochrome, éclairé au Profoto A1 et au Softbounce Diffuseur, sans trépied, à l'aide du Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm & Profoto & Android

When we work as professional photographers or as amateur photographers, what we are looking for is a great experience, enjoying ourselves, and delivering our best work whilst putting the effort in the right place. What I can say is that in 2020, as of today, Profoto, Fujifilm and android have made that reality possible through their offer and system, and I am so grateful for this.

fujifilm GFX 100 sport photography, cycling, commercial sport photography, cycling photography. Cycling for children, Unicef, fundraising. Olivier Borgognon, commercial outdoors, action & sports photographer dedicated to creating key visuals and brand campaigns to make a dent in this world.

What are you talking about ?

Well as of today, we can now connect the Profoto System to an Android phone to adjust the values, the white balance of the modelling light and work in an easy and streamlined way when our flashes are distant or set up high above hand level.

The Profoto Application for Android connects the whole system together, I don’t have to bother using my remote and can deal with more options really easily.

The app is easy, connect your flashes, and you’re done… it’s profoto, it’s easy, it works, it’s user friendly… Some might argue that it’s expensive, but misfires, excessive weight, back pain, and time spent troubleshooting all mounts up to a financial value… and that’s where I have taken the decision that gear must allow me to forget about the gear when i’m on a shoot.

The more time i have to worry about it not working… the less i’m focused on what I love doing, getting images and living the outdoor life.

and Fujifilm in all this ?

Well as you may have heared, the A1X has now been released for fujifilm (, and that is a game changer. I am an avid profoto & fujifilm user and photographer, and in those terms i was so pissed off in 2019, just because I had a fujifilm, an android phone, i was stuck… app was for iPhone, and a1X not for Fujifilm… so i had to go with other solutions which really didn’t suit me at all.

Now thanks to a really close collaboration between fujifilm, Profoto, Android API’s and Capture One, I can work with my entire system, from 2 backpacks instead of a huge car full of gear.

So how’s that helping ?

Well, as you may know, i’m an outdoors, active & sports photographer, and travel the world to shoot projects related to this industry. It can be headshots, athletes, or commercial shoots where I must control my light, but can’t go with 2 tons of gear on site, as i’m carting it all along the mountain, and don’t usually go with a huge team. It might be me, or with an assistant but that’s roughly it and the talents who i’m shooting.

As well as the photographic gear, we have the whole gear from the client, tents, mats, climbing gear, clothing etc, and even if a stylist is present, we must rationalise the gear and make it optimal for travel, transport, flights, and hikes.

Minimalism really helps

Reducing my gear, whilst not reducing my gear has really been a life changer. I know I can trust my kit, but I can go with 2 backpacks as discussed before, and shoot whatever I need anywhere I need, and if I must get more gear, Profoto has a brilliant rental service worldwide and I can grab what is necessary for the project.

Working with my Fujifilm X-T3 and soon X-T4 cameras (and that last one will be another game changer), a few lenses, and my flashes, along with the whole OCF system, I create compelling images even when i’m trailing or on a motorbike, and with harsh sunlight conditions.

What’s in my day to day kit?

  • Profoto A1x for Fujifilm
  • Profoto B10
  • Profoto B10 Plus
  • Profoto AirTTL-F Remote
  • OCF Modifiers (various models)
  • Fujifilm X-T3 (with grip for sport events mainly)
  • Fujinon 14mm
  • Fujinon 23mm
  • Fujinon 16-55mm
  • Fujinon 55-140mm
  • Fujinon 56mm
  • Samyang 8mm
  • Macbook Pro 15 inch maxed out to optimal capabilities
SQRLwear – Ambassadeurs – Streetwear commercial lifestyle


It’s not about heavy gear, making a show about what we have, it’s all about optimising our process, making things the way we want them to go around in an easy way. This has helped me get more work done, spend less on chiropractors and enjoy family time more… because I get home, everything is already packed, easy storage, quick set-ups, and a lot of fun taking care of clients, having a laugh with them, a beer, or getting lots of Off Time.

So thank you Profoto, android, fujifilm, capture one and those who make this happen, allowing me to create more images and get outdoors more.

I might see some of you during some conferences and workshops i’m delivering this year on being yourself, creativity, creative process and shooting. Some will take place in various places of the world, and i’m sure that you’ll love joining me on some of these adventures.

Until Then, take care 🙂

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