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fujifilm X-T3, fujifilm X-T2, fujifilm X-T2 camera firmware update

Fujifilm Firmware update – Easy Step by step instructions

How to update your Fujifilm firmware for your bodies and lenses!

If you are like a lot of people, you do not spend hours trying to understand or read lines in very small characters, nor do you want to read your entire user manual (which is an huge mistake in my humble opinion, it’s packed with valuable information).

We agree, they are sometimes long, complex, somewhat boring when we’re just eager to get out and shoot, unattractive, and sometimes for some brands, hard to find except in PDF and it takes a master’s degree in computer Science to find them on the manufacturer’s website (olympus if you are reading me here?) and finding a firmware is simply mission impossible.

If you are here, it is that you have a fujifilm body, and fujifilm lenses. You think it might be good to update these fujifilm firmware to fix bugs, improve the performance of your bodies, and those of your optics. But here you go on the site of fujifilm, have found all the info (or you have not yet searched and do not even know that there were firmware) and wow … short … you could do with a little help.

fujifilm X-T3, fujifilm X-T2, fujifilm X-T2 camera firmware update


What is a firmware?

A firmware is a small piece of software. basically the application (to speak “mobile”), which will allow your device or lens to work properly and to do everything it does (from firing, to menus through all possible options which also is activated or deactivated by cables, plugs or your bezel wheels).

12 Steps to Update Your Fujifilm Firmware (Compact & X Series bodies)

  1. Log on to
  2. If you have a Fujifilm compact without interchangeable optics (so with optics that can not be removed) Go to X Compact Camera option
  3. If you have a Fujifilm camera with interchangeable optics (type X-T2, X-H1 etc.) Go to the option “Interchangeable lens Camera”
  4. Download one by one the necessary firmware by clicking on the link of your device (for example X-T3) or XF14mm 1.4 R for a goal that you have
  5. Press the button “download Firmware” then “I agree / Download” to download the file
    1. For the objective update files, the files start with XFUP and a number, for the boxes by FWUP and a number
  6. The files are now downloaded to your computer (usually in the downloads folder)
  7. Bring an empty SD card (if necessary, format it)
  8. Copy all the firmware files to your SD card (to find them easily, sort by date, as you have just downloaded them, they will be at the top)
  9. Eject the card from your computer
  10. Insert the card into your camera (slot 1)
  11. Press the Disp / Back button and at the same time turn on your device, then release the disp / back button
  12. You will come to a window of firmware update information, along with a firmware list. Press OK.

The device asks you if you want to update the firmware of the case or that of the lenses, make the one of the case first. Then do the one of the objective that is on it, then change the objective and do the following ones until having made the turn of all the objectives. If you have another box, put the card in the other box and repeat the operation.


  1. Have a fully charged battery.
  2. DO NOT TURN OFF your device during a firmware update.
  3. Turn off the device only when the update is complete and it indicates that you can turn off the device.
  4. Turn it on again by pressing disp / back if you have other firmware updates to make (for lenses for example)
  5. Once all lenses and bodies are updated, format the card again to completely empty it.

That’s it, you updated your device, your goals are achieved and you managed it all like rock stars ! Congratulations !

NOTE: I decline any responsibility for an incorrect use of this information or any mishandling performed and can not be held responsible for any problem with your hardware after updating.

Hoping that this post can be useful to you, and can make it easier for you to update your fujifilm cameras, I wish you a lot of pleasure in your shoots, and look forward to meeting you through my website, by comments at the bottom of this article, by the newsletter, by email or simply in real life. Do not hesitate to leave me a message, I will answer you with pleasure.



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