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Domaine du crest winery estate

The Chateau du crest and Domaine du Crest represent what winery is all about. One family owned Estate, including Staff considered family, and a welcoming and heart-warming place to be. The energy is all about sharing and caring about everyone coming into their domain.

With a magnificent production of white, rose and red wines, exported worldwide in finest restaurants and wine dedicated bars, the family leads the way and brings a new breath to the local industry.

what is chateau du crest ?

The estate has many cards, and many gems around the castle aside from the vineyards. One of which is the Bed & Breakfast, the other being the access to their stunning venue for events & weddings, and the final being their wine-tasting service.

In a beautiful desire to lead the winery estate market to raise their level of excellence, and bringing novelty to their work, the Domaine du crest worked with the PointVirgule Agency to develop signage, flyers, a new branding, and a whole new website for their accommodation & wine services.

creating visuals

This is where I came in putting the project together included

  • 4 days of production
  • Team of models
  • Stylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Lighting Assistant / creative director
  • Client supporting the whole project

Setting up such a project can be challenging without a team, but we came to terms with this amazing project, with the help of the client, bringing positivity and flexibility to the table, and our team keeping track of the shot-list, the project deliverables, and the lighting moving from room to room at a high pace.

what my work is about

I Create and build projects for companies and SMEs from all sectors. I love working in Cross-segment mode, furthermore my team and I will assist you in building your corporate and advertising visuals with a human scale.

In definitive, we love real people, artists, athletes who share timeless lifetime moments and emotions.

Furthermore We are here to work closely with you, and provide solutions to bring forth the Corporate Branding and Emotional connection you wish to have with your customers.

In retrospect, I like to think that if you are here, looking at these images, you know that your business is important to you, and that visuals are not just “nice pictures” but they represent your values, who you are, and you want to show people exactly that through your products, services, brand and content.

Considering a series of corporate visuals