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Commercial photography – The importance of authenticity

What is Commercial Photography ?

Commercial photography refers to photography used for commercial use. This is by definition any business, organisation, association, non-profit or any other entity needing images to promote their services or what they deliver.

What kind of photography is used a business ?

Your business is specific, and each company has specific needs. It would be very generic to say that we as photographers know every image you need for your business.

However what photographers do is relate to certain clients, and certain type of work. Your business is precious, and it’s essential that we understand you, and your target audience, and really relate to what you do in order to be of best use and create our best work for you.

Photography is part of the great scheme of things for your business. You have worked hard to create a corporate brand, logo, marketing, advertising, digital presence, and to ensure customers get who you are, you need to create a connection, through authentic presence.

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How to be authentic with images

You might have noticed that i’m not using pictures, but images to define those authentic visuals. Every single image you showcase is representing your brand, and the image you want to show the world.

So how can you be authentic ? Well if you’re a small or large brand, it’s obvious that you already know how to be authentic, and all your work behind the public scenes is directed in this sense. Through your communications team, your digital team, your data analysis and data-mining, you have been studying your client base, habits, patterns, and know who you are serving as a brand.

However if you are not a large or global brand, chances are you don’t know about all this, and that it’s pretty new to you. In this case here it is, your brand must relate to your clients, and the way to do that is to be really yourself.

you can’t put text or images from another website on yours, or copy concepts, visuals, or use stock for your website if you really want it to be a success, simply because they are not you, and you are not them. It’s like if you were trying to be someone else, and we all know that never works.

So a first way of being authentic is to really clarify what your brand stands for, who you are, why you are doing what you do. Once you have a clear understanding of your brand, you’ll have worked on your Mission statement, which is the sentence telling the world what you stand for. Finally, when that’s clarified, you will work closely with a photographer to create images in alignment with your mission statement.

That is how we make authentic images to support your brand

Creating a concept

You come up with a need, and contact a communications agency or a photographer, and we will work together on a concept, or the communications agency will work closely with you on the concept and bring it forward to the photographer.

The concept is defined with an idea, visuals, a mood board, spec sheets, and a colour scheme. Sketch, discuss, review, in a LEAN process.

Once the concept is established, we as a team of agency, brand and photographer work together to make the concept take life.

Making visuals exist

The agency if you’re going that route, or me as photographer are putting up a team. The team can be large or small depending on the project. from a couple of people to over 20 people.

Creative director, stringers, fixers, location scout, set assistant, photography assistant, set stylist, clothes stylist, make-up artist, set designer, hair stylist, models or talents and athletes.

We will all work together to create those visuals representing your brand with a clear list of visuals, and produce the image relative to your brand, that’s what it takes to build commercial photography.

Authenticity vs Mass imagery

When creating your image, it’s not always a question of numbers. Small Companies and businesses sometimes feel that they must have quantity and not quality. However quality overrules quantity any day in terms of image. One good image will be worth hundreds of poor images.

May it be through a campaign, a catalogue, or visuals for your social media, you can work on authenticity through a series of images.

My job is to make this happen for you, and ensure that you can target your clients or audience in the best way possible, so if you feel that you want to communicate authentically, and need to create something special, I would be glad to assist in making this happen.

With projects for Louis Vuitton, MontBlanc, Haute Route and Banque Cantonale de Neuchâtel I trust I can create compelling visuals meeting your needs.

Considering a series of corporate visuals

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