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Commercial photography – Checklist

I want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your commercial photography project. That everything goes according to plan. This is why i came up with this checklist to help you get everything together. But in order to provide you with an accurate estimate, here are a few questions you will need to answer.

What type of photo shoot is required ?

I can provide various photo shoots depending on your needs of your brand. Are you looking into bringing out a new product line ? Do you need new headshots for your company ? In both cases, I can help you. My commercial photography services include :

  • Lifestyle shoots
  • Portraits
  • Environmental portraits
  • Active & outdoors shoots
  • Sport lifestyle shoots
  • Product environments
  • Product usages
  • Food lifestyle

Let me know what quality of images you need and I can help you determine what type of shoot you might require. I am working on a list of differences between various types of shoots to help you out in a further post.

What’s your shot list ?

If you don’t know what a shotlist is, i’m here to help you. A shot list is as the name entails, a checklist of all the images you need for your project. It details all the specifics of your session, so that we know exactly what we must deliver to you, how the shoot will take place, and when we must deliver them to you. Here is the minimum we need from you to go ahead with a shot list :

  • Number of shots to be taken
  • Where will the images be used (web, print, trade-show, multiple?)
  • Do you need talent (models), agency or not ?
  • dimensions of visuals (1×2 meters for example)
  • Amount of final deliverables
  • Naming convention (SKU Numbers)
  • Due dates & priority dates (if multiple batches)
  • Any further information about the job, such as colour targets, colour toning, retouching required, retouching files for reference, etc.

if you’re a bit lost with this information & checklist, I can assist you and guide you through the process of a shot list to ensure you get everything you need for your business.

Considering a series of corporate visuals

Your business needs quality photography, and I can give you stunning images that you can use for your online needs, or in print or anywhere you may need them to show up. Check out my portfolio for yourself and some work on my Behance profile, and contact me today to get your new project started.

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