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How disconnected are we without social media

Social media, we are all hearing about it all over the place, may it be instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkedin for the major players in the industry. I won’t include Youtube, behance, and platforms which can be used with no “social media” intent.  The question is, how disconnected can we become if we leave social […]

5 point system to book your photographer

How to find the pearl, the unique person to create something just right for you, “The One”, here is my 5-point system to book your photographer. In a visual world, where users need images to maintain a sufficient level of visibility through social media, communication campaigns, website content and public relations, here are some essential […]

A Surf Story

Surfing, the surf culture, the sport, the people connected to this specific sub-culture, the codes of surfing, the clothing, the back to the roots energy around the surf culture are just a few of the images that come to mind when thinking about this amazing sport. The arrival During the month of August 2018, we […]