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Capture one Pro Fujifilm ! A marching Revolution !

Capture One Pro Fujifilm! The Capture One Pro image editing software, Phase One’s best-of-breed software is no stranger to the surprise effect. This time the world of photography is fully booming after Photokina 2018!

The announcement was brief, and some blogs have mentionned it, but few have taken the magnitude of this news to live up to what it is. Capture One Pro 11.3.1 now supports Fujifilm cameras, and even better, they have developed a specific version just like SONY. At last, they have raised Fujifilm to the level of the standard of it’s amazing bodies, and ignored the potential fears that are the GFX cameras for their system Phase One medium format.

The evolution of Capture One Pro for the Fujifilm Community

The Vikings are hard headed, but they are sensitive to market developments, and it goes without saying that no one expected such an evolution. That Capture One Pro supports different packages excluding Medium format was one thing, but they are developing three versions of the software through Capture One Express Fujifilm , Capture One Pro Fujifilm and Capture One Pro, and this was totally a different and unexpected story. Considering the past between PhaseOne’s liabilities with Hasselblad, the game was not won in advance.

Capture One Pro Fujifilm - interface preview

Capture One Express Fujifilm

Capture One Express Fujifilm is the simplified version of Capture One Pro, it offers a first approach to Capture One for users who do not yet know the software. A first affordable approach, simplified, effective and very powerful nevertheless for all amateurs and photographers not pushing retouching at advanced levels requiring layers or the color wheel. It still provides all the support needed for Fujifilm cameras and incorporates all the power and technical expertise that its big brother Capture One Pro has.

Capture One Pro Fujifilm

Capture One Pro Fujifilm is the second version specific to Fujifilm. It is the intermediate version between Capture One Express Fujifilm, and Capture One Pro full version. This version of the software integrates all that Capture One Express permits, and provides layer management, Capture One’s highly recognized color management, and the tethered mode that so many people have wanted to see at Capture One for a few years.

Capture One Pro 11

And of course, to get everyone to agree on their ability to be the best in their field, they have adapted the complete solution Capture One Pro which is the ultimate software. The one that all high-ranking professionals use, in all fields, which integrates all that Capture One Pro 11 has always wanted, and by fully enabling the tethering and supports for 35 fujifilm cameras

Capture One Pro Fujifilm - interface preview - © Shenjie Wu

I can finally see my Fujifilm X-T3 RAW Files (and tether from Capture One)

I had the chance to discover and update my RAW of my report on the HauteRoute Alps, after having tested the Fujifilm X-T3 during 1 week on this mythical race. It goes without saying that it’s impressive, and every day that passes allows me to push my Fujifilm X-T3 further, to know more about the capacity of this incredible box and to improve my work, my workflow and the process of retouching images.

To be honest, I had had a few echoes and imagined we were going to have a nice surprise for the photographic world during Photokina 2018, and they really did not disappoint us.

I don’t know about you, but I am very grateful towards Phase One and Fujifilm for the intelligence they had to partner their strengths in order to enable a whole community, and a whole professional world, to work in harmony. It is sometimes difficult for companies to put aside their doubts, their fears, in a world where they must stay focused on their core business, and this time, each brand managed to bring the other the best of itself. Capture One Pro brings a strong message to the world through their support to Fujifilm, and Fujifilm brings their community to Capture One Pro. A great decision, congratulations, and I really am looking forward to sharing news, tethering and an improved workflow very soon.

Discover more articles on the Fujifilm Universe and on the workflow i use with Capture One Pro through my blog articles.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message here on my blog, through my contact form or by email. As you won’t find me on social networks (albeit my website publishes there, I have not set foot on social media since april and wish to keep it that way). That being said, I’m really looking forward to our real life or through website discussions. Keep in touch and talk soon.

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