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Is your photography work authentic ?

Amongst photographers, and should I say amongst humans nowadays, I have a strong feeling that some of us are totally loosing touch with reality. We are, should we not forget it, amazing creatures, with a very authentic soul and mind to accompany our bodies. Therefore, we must create authentic photographic work to reflect the same […]

fujifilm GFX 100 sport photography, cycling, commercial sport photography, cycling photography. Cycling for children, Unicef, fundraising. Olivier Borgognon, commercial outdoors, action & sports photographer dedicated to creating key visuals and brand campaigns to make a dent in this world.
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GFX 100 sport photography

When talking about photography and gear, the holy grail is often seen as Medium Format Cameras. Now when Fujifilm asked me to give the GFX 100 a test run over a week-end, I could not wait to hit the road with it and shoot a GFX 100 Sport photography project. Bare in mind that this […]


Shooting Brand Key Visuals

First of all what are Brand Key Visuals ? Well key visuals are the essential images shot for a specific brand. They define the essence of what the brand is about, or are those visuals you find on billboards, or in large format in stores around the world. Key visuals are usually quite Iconic, and […]


Commercial photography – Checklist

I want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your commercial photography project. That everything goes according to plan. This is why i came up with this checklist to help you get everything together. But in order to provide you with an accurate estimate, here are a few questions you will need to […]

p'or'trait - portrait photographer in switzerland.


P’or’trait : what a weird name isn’t it ? Yeah you’re absolutely right. It’s weird, it’s complex, therefore it might not mean anything to you but to me it means a lot and here’s why. within P or Trait for a portrait, i’m setting a starting point to a series of facials. when shooting portraits, […]


Commercial photography – The importance of authenticity

What is Commercial Photography ? Commercial photography refers to photography used for commercial use. This is by definition any business, organisation, association, non-profit or any other entity needing images to promote their services or what they deliver. What kind of photography is used a business ? Your business is specific, and each company has specific […]

Photographe Commercial, lifestyle, lifestyle institutionnel et corporate lifestyle, Entreprise basée à la chaux-de-fonds, Neuchâtel, Suisse. Photographe de sport Lifestyle pour des magazines, éditoriaux ou campagnes publicitaires. Agences de communication, Agences Marketing, webAgencies, développement de visuels selon concepts clients. Horlogerie, mode, photos pour assurances, photos publicité pour boutiques et grandes surfaces. PME, TPE, petites et moyennes entreprises suisse, europe et international. Les visuels de type commercial lifestyle sont utilisés par des assurances, des cabinets médicaux, des marques de vêtements de sport, des produits santé, ainsi que des produits de sport & services liés au bien-être. Série personnelle sur la vie à barcelone, le mode de vie, l'ambiance architecturale, graphique et photo de rue minimaliste. Shooté au Fujifilm X-T3, fujifilm 23mm, et Fujifilm 35mm
Olivier Borgognon - Rue de la serre 4, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - Commercial outdoors & active lifestyle photographer - +41 78 920 20 34 -
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A path to creativity

The creative world is one of it’s kind, and it doesn’t take long for the creative person to get burnt, to feel down, in a rut, or decompose himself into feeling useless and worthless. But the truth is, creativity is not a goal, it’s a journey. I firmly believe we should learn to enjoy our […]

nordic skier athlete - nordic skiing in switzerland. How pro Downhill & enduro Racing riders train in the winter
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Nordic Skier Portrait

As part of a campaign or project for a brand of clothing or sports equipment, it is common for a portrait or series of portraits of their Ambassadors to be made. In the case of this project, I realised the portrait of a Nordic skier. These ambassadors are frequently elite athletes, or athletes actively practicing […]


A Surf Story

Surfing, the surf culture, the sport, the people connected to this specific sub-culture, the codes of surfing, the clothing, the back to the roots energy around the surf culture are just a few of the images that come to mind when thinking about this amazing sport. The arrival During the month of August 2018, we […]

commercial lifestyle - outdoors ski photography - backcountry skiing, skier in swiss alps riding curves and backcountry
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Ski photography- Fujifilm x-T3

Photography is not a job, it’s a way of life. And by way of life I mean that it drives you, it takes you along a path that you might not yet be able to imagine. I have always been driven to skiing, snowboarding, sea and mountains. Ski photography and adventure, outdoors, sport photography are […]