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Blackdrop café

The Blackdrop Café represents the art of ethnic coffee, and atypical, modern and both retro or time stops the time of a coffee or a smoothie green.

The visual project is to create an identity for the BlackDrop Café and the atmosphere that can be found, feel free to enjoy, dream, work as a cyber-nomad, love to leave time flowing to write or create passionately.

It is in this sense that the customer wanted to communicate, a place where the customer participates in life, knows how to laugh, be moved, feel the beautiful energies that emerge from this special and energizing place.

You can discover the Blackdrop Café in a small alley of La Chaux-De-Fonds, close to the Place de la Carmagnole and the Place du Marché, and do not hesitate to come and taste the specialties, and to discuss with the young entrepreneur who created this place.

Born of graphic arts, his desire to create, to make a unique place, and to bring his touch is captivating and intoxicating, and his smile, his humor and his personality will make you spend a wonderful moment at each of your visits to she.

I Create and build projects for companies and SMEs from all sectors, working in Cross-segment mode, my team and I will assist you in building your corporate and advertising visuals with a human scale, real people, artists, athletes who share timeless lifetime moments and emotions. We are here to work closely with you, and provide solutions to bring forth the Corporate Branding and Emotional connection you wish to have with your customers.

I like to think that if you are here, looking at these images, you know that your business is important to you, and that visuals are not just “nice pictures” but they represent your values, who you are, and you want to show people exactly that through your products, services, brand and content.

Considering a series of corporate visuals