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About Olivier Borgognon


Have you ever imagined a place where you could give back to the world what you have received as a gift ? 

I firmly believe we are here for a purpose, for a specific reason, and that we are working our way through the discovery of our deepest soul in order to deliver our message to the world. 

As a photographer, I visualise, conceptualise, document, research, and blend it all together in order to create content, with a touch of my own, my “touche personnelle” as we would say in french. 

Finding our purpose in life is challenging, it takes a lot of questioning and introspection, and I have found mine through photography. and the question is, why am I a photographer ? 

From childhood, I have wanted to help others, to share knowledge, share information, make the world a better place. As many, I have travelled through many life cycles, and passed through many failures, leading me to more failures and to some success stories, but they have always had a common element : Taking part in building greatness of others !

I stand here before you, through my work and who I am, to share my knowledge and my experience as a commercial & outdoors lifestyle photographer in order to create unique work, powerful imagery, and take part in the visual story of your brand. 

Considering a series of corporate visuals