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Capture One Pro 12 News, updates and support for fujifilm
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Capture one Pro 12 and Fujifilm Integration

Phase One has just announced Capture One Pro 12. Their yearly major update comes in line with their previous announcement to support Fujifilm gear in the best way possible, and here’s how what you need to know about this new release. What’s new in Capture One Pro 12 ? Well, for those of you who […]

Mode connecté fujifilm capture one pro avec le fujifilm X-t3 et Fujifilm X-h1
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Fujifilm tethering with Capture One Pro

If you are an editorial, portrait, product, landscape or commercial photographer, there is a great chance you’ll be needing fujifilm tethering to Capture One Pro once in your professional career. You might want to show your work directly to your client, or through the computer to avoid the small screen and apply some settings. The […]

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Capture one Pro Fujifilm ! A marching Revolution !

Capture One Pro Fujifilm! The Capture One Pro image editing software, Phase One’s best-of-breed software is no stranger to the surprise effect. This time the world of photography is fully booming after Photokina 2018! The announcement was brief, and some blogs have mentionned it, but few have taken the magnitude of this news to live […]

Olivier Borgognon - Rue de la serre 4, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - Commercial outdoors & active lifestyle photographer - +41 78 920 20 34 -
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Perfect Profoto C1, A1x & Connect remote

At the time of writing these lines, I have been playing around with the Fujifilm X-T4, and the whole set of the Profoto A1x Off-Camera kit, plus a Profoto C1 flash. With this 2 light setup and a simple remote such as the profoto Connect, I can say that this is a crazy setup for […]

Portrait noir & blanc, monochrome, éclairé au Profoto A1 et au Softbounce Diffuseur, sans trépied, à l'aide du Fujifilm X-T3
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Fujifilm & Profoto & Android

When we work as professional photographers or as amateur photographers, what we are looking for is a great experience, enjoying ourselves, and delivering our best work whilst putting the effort in the right place. What I can say is that in 2020, as of today, Profoto, Fujifilm and android have made that reality possible through […]

life is outside the comfort zone

PETRICHOR (n) The pleasant, earthy smell after the rain story time it’s 4.00 am when the clock rings. Wake up time, to get out and shoot this ethereal epic portrait. I head out after an expresso shot, to meet up with Vincent in the swiss Alps. Yes, this might not look like what it is, […]

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JpegMini Pro – Optimize your workflow

If you’re like me, you are constantly searching for time for yourself. May it be to learn a new skillset, go ahead with projects, be with your family. The business of photography is time consuming to say the least. it shrinks time like no other, and is constantly more demanding. If I told you that […]

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Incredible, mindboggling Fujifilm X-T4 review

It’s april 2020, and we are in confinement for COVID-19 worldwide, and photographic work for projects, assignments and events came to a total stop. However, it’s not because major events are on halt that cameras are not planned. The Fujifilm X-T4 is getting to market this week. I was approached by Fujifilm Switzerland to test […]

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4 Portraits in 30 minutes

When trying new things during a conference, it is always interesting to go for new visuals and creative shoots. I had 30 minutes, during a conference, explaining what I was going to shoot and how I was going to shoot it. So i took the decision to shoot 4 portraits in 30 minutes, with the […]

fujifilm GFX 100 sport photography, cycling, commercial sport photography, cycling photography. Cycling for children, Unicef, fundraising. Olivier Borgognon, commercial outdoors, action & sports photographer dedicated to creating key visuals and brand campaigns to make a dent in this world.
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GFX 100 sport photography

When talking about photography and gear, the holy grail is often seen as Medium Format Cameras. Now when Fujifilm asked me to give the GFX 100 a test run over a week-end, I could not wait to hit the road with it and shoot a GFX 100 Sport photography project. Bare in mind that this […]

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