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2 years without social media

It’s now been 2 years without social media for my photography business and personal use, some state that it’s essential, and with 2 years behind me, and with my line of photography, I can clearly say… I DON’T NEED SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PHOTOGRAPHY!

So, my field of work in photography is adventure, outdoors and lifestyle, with Sport events, sport brands and outdoors brands. So is social media important ? what can it bring that I am missing out on? How do I feel about it all after 2 years ?

My clients don’t rely on Social Media

For sure, clients like followings, and might ask for your Instagram and Facebook followings, hoping that you will talk about their brand, but that’s a side business, as a post should be monetized and should not be posted for the sake of posting on social media.

The latest issue with Mashable shows that posting could make you loose your rights to the image, as the US court has stated… So another point for not using them in my humble opinion.

My clients are sports & business advertising brands, companies, ad agencies, or sport brands, and what They see is the image they promote, the feeling, and what it brings to their clients. It’s not because you have 200’000 people on Instagram (thus already a major following, rare for photographers ie not Influencers) that you are capable of dealing with a high end shoot.

Business before Bullshit

It’s all about business. Can you do the job, can you shoot, can you deliver. That is not about the beauty of fake social media, it’s about planning, getting a team together, or shooting with a small team, and deliver on time. Social media is about show, it’s hollywood, it’s the fancy & dandy, but it’s not reality and they know it.

They can use social media, they will credit you as it’s part of the deal, but you don’t need to be there, as you’re not focused on other photographers, you’re focused on your brand and client.

2 years without social media

Know your clients

It’s all a question of knowing your clients. 2 years out, I know that I am a Fujifilm X-Photographer for Switzerland, i’m a Profoto Ambassador, and I shoot for outdoor brands, and major sport Events worldwide, 3 things that I didn’t have and had not developed before quitting social media.

Why did that happen ? First of all because I decided to add value. Writing articles on my blog is something I love doing, shooting projects with gear, testing it, and delivering for my clients is something I love doing.

I don’t like retouching high-end, so I give it out, outsourcing to pro retouchers who can do the work, and for other types of jobs which still come out on huge billboards, I don’t need high-end retouching, it’s not beauty work, it strikes the emotions, the subconscious mind.

So by writing, giving conferences, and speaking out about the importance of authenticity in my work, and dealing with a whole lot of criticism or craziness, like people writing to me at 2am to tell me that my work sucks, that i’m worthless and don’t deserve what I created, I just like to smile and think… I actually don’t give a shit, because you’re not my client, and If you feel that way, means that you maybe would like to be in my place, and that aggravates you. That emotion doesn’t belong to me. I urge for being authentic.

I know that value is added for brands, because I will be brutally honest, I like the gear, i’ll say, i don’t like the gear, i’ll say it too… It’s pure, raw, and honest… and I know that both Profoto and Fujifilm appreciate honesty because that’s what makes them the 2 most inspiring brands on the market of photography today… because they take it all in, and use it to improve their products.

It’s all about emotions

My clients want emotions, they want their own clients to feel that in their guts, and to want that product so bad, or that adventure so bad that they are willing to get that product to feel amazing, like on the photo.

Now if you read my last post in hypnosis you’ll maybe see the loop, and the time i don’t spend on social media, I spend in hypnosis, meditation, practicing the deep understanding of the human brain, human emotions, and how to bypass critical factors of the conscious mind.

So My work is personal, it’s mine only, and I don’t need to show it for it to have value, or should I say, I don’t need a large audience, i’m not in a quest for “more, even more”, but simply for who can access the emotion that drive my shoots.

So what’s the score 2 years after?

Well 2 years after, I don’t miss social media, really not. I don’t miss scrolling, liking, commenting for the sake of it, the bullshit of fads, and I see my clients by going to events, calling them, emailing them, and working with and for them. It’s a true collaboration, and I can work less, work better, work worldwide, and have fun because i don’t have the pressure of social media.

Final lines for me is that after 2 years, I really don’t want to go back into social media for photography, because my clients are not there, for this line of business they are online for sure, but online is not their “trust” factor for shoots, so I can live and really enjoy doing what I like, without that weight on my shoulders.

Should you be wondering if it’s time for you to take a leap of faith and quit social media, have a read about my latest posts on the topic, but mainly look into who your client audience is, and how they work, how they act, and who can be the person you’ll meet to get into business.


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