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14 months business without social media

Some of you might be considering quitting social media, finding it scary, risky, or any other word which you would relate to this experience. So here’s my take on 14 months business without social media.

What started as a human social experiment for me, loosing my touch with what I cared for, spending too much time scrolling for nothing, continues in an “off social media” life after 14 months. How can your business without social media survive ? You may want to hear about what it’s done, what happened, and how it’s going for me, if you’re considering taking this step as a photographer or a freelance artist.

Everything first started in february 2018, when I began to feel irritated by all the social presence, the pressure, the need for existing through social media. Indeed there was some torment in there, some in-depth “online” unhappiness and boredom.

Discover how all of this happened

A few months later, 6 months came along, and I felt more relief, and a couple of magazines came to me for interviews. What was really interesting about the 6 months break was that I was completing more work, and seeing more content on my blog, about photography, fujifilm, profoto, and about what I love to deliver for my clients.

It’s amazing the time you can find to get to work, go to workshops, meet people, and spend time with your family when you’re considering those precious hours off social media.

I saw a growth of 20% increase to my website over the first 6 months, and that, without posting anything anywhere as my linkedin, twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest were all deleted.

Does this mean I never go online and on instagram ?

Clearly no, there are two separate things, the first one is to have an account, scroll, view, view, view content which you’re not into. The second thing is to select the accounts you want to go and see, when you feel like it, but with no pressure and no ritualised scrolls.

I have spent more time studying self-development, meeting high-end photographers and developing my network to grow my projects since the beginning of the year than I ever had beforehand.

2019 off social media

Since january things have grown more, and my projects are directed towards commercial photography, commercial sports projects, and advertising lifestyle, and my business without social media is upscaling.

How on earth do you reach your clients when you’re off social media ? Well I can’t say i’ve reached my objective, by far, and I have more ladders to climb, many more for sure, but I go for direct contact, and brands reach me for my selective online presence.

M/Y Quantum Blue, a fine SuperYacht from Lurssen Shipyards, Delivered in 2014. 341Ft long, 104 meters long, designed by Tim Heywood Design, and interior design by Alberto Pino Design. She was moored by the Island of Lokrum, a stone throw away from Dubrovnik in Croatia on 9th of July 2015.

How does being off social media help ?

Some argue that you need to be everywhere to grow and be visible, and I believe that scarcity and selecting your clients helps you grow too. Look up your name online, see what’s there in google images, news, links, and check what comes out. You might want to clean up some of your stuff there, allowing for you to show up mainly with what you want to show. Thus… hopefully the latest work for your clients you want to reach.

14 months business without social media ?

Statistically, i have grown over 100% website presence in 14 months, and that has driven to new accounts, and developed more trust towards my actual clients, who know I have no interest in showing projects outside my own realm of commercial work.

Acquisition of new clients is made more specific, targeted, and delivering more without the focus of my own social media really helped. The less I go online to look at non specific work, the more I am thinking about my clients, their needs, and their projects, including their own social media presence.

Growing and experiencing what I love doing, which is photography and sharing information to help others grow is part of who I am. 2019 has reached new heights by designing three conferences for the Focus Days in Morges and for Profoto through Visuals in Geneva.

New workshops on the Profoto A1 are taking place on a regular basis and I really look forward to sharing the latest topics with you, so book your seat as soon as possible, it’s going to be great fun !

I really look forward to helping more people grow through my own experience and allow whoever is on the path to freelancing to implement and believe in themselves.

Does quitting social media have a negative impact ?

You will have down moments, and feel like you’re missing out on groups, people, but you will be more focused on who you are, and who you want to be.

What I see is that people are on their phones and I take my phone when i’m bored looking at them on their phones, that would be the most negative impact. So I try to adjust, and just seek meeting other contacts and delve in other activities such as rock climbing.

Many other photographers have taken the leap of faith of quitting social media, and others feel like their business couldn’t resist leaving social media, so what you must ensure is to know your clientele to assess the greatness of this measure.

What else can you do to be found ?

There are thousands of methods to be found offline, and through other means of communication than giving out your data to large data driven social media platforms, but a new article will come out soon with a few tips and tricks of guerilla marketing and how it can improve your numbers.

Feel free to drop me a message or a comment so that we can interact, or join my newsletter if you want to get more free content.

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